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AdoraWhoreAble Slutty but sweet.
Aggro Aggravated, aggressive
Amazarama An entire amazing experience
Amaze-balls Amazing
Amaze-tits Amazing, but more so than amaze-balls can express
Analysis Paralysis To literally be frozen in thought
Asian Bitched A way sneakier, almost ninja-like version, of being bitchy. Very clever and planned out way in advance. Always 10 steps ahead of you. You’ll never see it coming.
Atonercise Exercising while praying and/or contemplating your bad life choices, and trying to make up for them
Awk-weird Awkward and weird
Back-Up Pants The extra set of pants a girl or her friends keep stashed at school for monthly visitor emergencies.
Baditude Bad attitude
B-a-n-a-n-a-s Bananas; crazy. Spelled out for emphasis
Barneys Dorks, nerd boys, or goobers; Guys you don’t want to be seen with in public.
Baskin Robbins 31 flavors of fun
Bestie Festie When two best friends hang out
Betraitor A betraying traitor
BFFs Best friends forever
BFGFBFF Boyfriend Girlfriend Best Friends Forever Double Date (DD is implied). A double date consisting of two couples who are best friends.
Bi-friendsual Being friends with two people who hate each other
Big Fail Mary Something that does not go as planned.
Big V A virgin
Bitch Pitch As in “a bitch pitch in your voice.” To have a nasty tone when you’re speaking
Blackout Complete memory loss of what happened while under the influence due to excessive drinking
Bomb-Ass Awesome.
Bomb-Dot-Com Beyond awesome.
Bone-us Operandi Play on modus operandi; meaning one’s usual habits. In this case, one’s usual habits in regards to sex
Box Vagina
Brabusters Boobs.
Brillz Brilliant.
Brownout Less severe than blackout drunk. Partial memory loss of what happened while under the influence due to excessive drinking
Brunch-up A breakup over brunch
Brute Brutal
BS Bullsh*t
BTE Breaking the engagement
Budge Short for budget; discount, cheap
Bumping Of Uglies or Bumping Uglies Hooking up.
Busted Ugly, old, out of style
Call Shenanigans or Shenanigans Calling ‘BS’ (Bull shit).
Carefrontation A casual intervention facilitated with people who care about you when they think you need help.
Cheesetastic So cheesy it’s almost cool.
Chick Chicken When girls play chicken, but instead of hitting each other, it’s passive aggressive power moves faking nice until someone backs down. Usually over a guy.
Chillaxative As in, "take a chillaxative." Calm down. 
Chunk show Throwing up
Civ Civil
Cling-on Context clues: A: a reference to a clingy friend or ex, or B: cameltoe
Cloud 69 On cloud 9, because of sex
Cockblock A reverse wingman, someone who stops you from having sex
Cougar An older woman who hooks up with a young guy
Cray (sometimes Cray Cray) Crazy
Cray Poupon Crazy sh*t
Creeper Stalker; Weirdo; Freak.
Crossfaded To be drunk and high at the same time
Deets by Dre Details
DEFCON 10 (or 1) This is really bad. But T can never remember which number is worse.
Deja-stupid Repeating past mistakes and idiotic moments
Dicktor Scale How big a guy’s dick is.
DILF Dad I’d Like to F*ck
Distraction Action Distracting yourself or procrastinating something important by doing something less important but enjoyable, usually sex or gossip
Ditto I agree; same
Dram-o-rama A sequence of dramatic events
Dramz Drama
DTR Define the relationship; The uncomfortable talk no one wants to have about their dating status.
Dunzo Done
Face-Mail The transparent look on someone’s face that lets you know what they’re feeling; Saying something in person that you would normally only have the balls to say over email.
Faux-liday A fake holiday strictly for capitalistic gain
Fianc-ex Ex fiancé
Flirtationship A relationship that has yet to evolve past the flirting stage.
FML F*ck my life
Freak and Critique Freaking out and being judgy at the same time
Freak-A-Deak Reacting in a stunned or jarring way.
Friendscape The lay of the land in regards to how many friends you have.
F*ck-it List A list of everyone you want to have sex with before you move on to the next chapter of your life.. Can also include things you want to let go of before moving on.
FYI For your information
F2F Face to face
Genie In A Bottle Genius
Getting Busy Hooking up
GTFO Get the f*ck out
H-2-T Gorge Head- to-toe gorgeous.
Haiku Advice Nonsensical advice
Ham Holes Mouths
Harassholes Assholes that harass you
Haterade Gatorade full of hate, eq to “who pissed in your cheerios?”
Hate Rate To rate a hookup with a bad score, generally as some type of revenge
Hella Hell of a lot; extremely
Hitting Shuffle On The Subject Changing the subject
Hoe And Tell Reveal a secret relationship
Hoo-ha Vagina
Hookup Can be anything from a makeout to sex
Horrendo Horrendous
Horsey Style Putting blinders on and creating tunnel vision, sometimes physically by using your hands to block your peripherals
Hot-dorable Hot + adorable
House Arrest Being grounded.
HTF How the f*ck
ILY Abbreviation. I love you
Inappropes (sometimes Totes Inappropes) Inappropriate
Intimidation Nation Those smart jock bitches who spend every waking minute obsessed with athletics and acting superior to those who aren't. Only date college guys.
Ish Context clues: A: PG slang for sh*t, or B: short for issue
Jacked-Up Messed up.
JC Context clues: A: Jesus Christ, or B: Junior College
JK Just kidding
Jelly Jealous.
Jock-off A jerk that’s a jock
Judas Traitor
Judge Moody Someone judgier and moodier than Judge Judy
Kanye Mess To be like Kanye if he was even messier than he is currently
Karmageddon The end of the world brought on by one’s own bad karma.
Kickback Small party; Get-together with close friends
Lady Business Anything having to do with ‘lady parts’.
Lates Later, bye
LOL-lercoaster That’s laughable
Lurker Creep; Stalker; Freak.
Luscious Lickables Private parts
Magic Zone The perfect level of drunk
Maj Major
Major May-Jor So major you have to say it with a Spanish accent.
Mananigans Shenanigans with a man
Mariah CrayCray To have the same crazy level as Mariah Carey’s fame level
MIA Missing in action
MILF Mom I’d Like to F*ck
Mother-fondler PG way of saying motherf*cker
Motion Lotion Lotion used for masturbating
Mouth hugging Making out
Nancy Drew This Over-Analyzing.
Neck-2-T Lasered Neck-to-toe laser hair removal.
Nice Whoredrobe Skanksquatch Your outfit is showing too much, slut.
No biggie Not a big deal
O-Town Orgasm
Obvi Obviously
OD’d Consumed too much, bought too much, shared too much
Old Testament Out dated; Old School.
Olympic Lames A competition to see who can be the most boring (sarcasm)
OMFG Oh my f*cking god
OMG Oh my god
One night bland A bad one night stand
OOC Out of control
Over-Game-Over A Step Beyond “Game Over”; The real end of gaming playing in a game or a relationship.
Pain in my ain Short for pain in my anus; PG way to say “pain in my ass”
Panini Vagina
Pariah Carey To be as big of an outcast as Mariah is a star
Patchouli Vagina
Perma-bitch Permanent bitch
PFM Pure freaking magic
Populadder The ladder of popularity, social hierarchy
Post-party partial When people take a sudden liking to someone after a party, usually happens to the host if the party was great
POV Point of view
Prima bitcherina To be the number one bitch
Pro-persp Pro-perspiration; thinking guys are hotter when they’re sweaty
Promatized Traumatized on prom night
Promz Promise
Promzilla A bridezilla but instead of a wedding it’s prom
Pull the plug Put a stop to this
Pulling A Britney Going to a crazy place.
Ralph and roll Puke due to excessive drinking and then pass out in the puddle
Rando Random person
Random Fandom Sudden interest
Rank Gross; Nasty.
Reals For real, seriously
Realz Realization
Recessive Chub Fat you can’t control with diet and exercise - genetic
Resident Evil Pure Evil.
Sad-lebrating Celebrating one thing when you’re upset about something else
Sagic Sadly tragic
Scare-ifying Scary terrifying.
Sesh Session
Sequestered To The Kiss And Cry Zone Having been iced out.
Sexcapades Adventures of sex
Shaking the creamer Masturbating
Shame Spiral Having a nervous breakdown
Sh*t just got real. This just took a serious turn.
Shiz PG word for sh*t
Skankaholic Skank with an alcohol addiction
Skitch Skanky bitch
Sloppy Seconds Usually a term used between feuding friends who hooked up with the same person to assert their dominance over being first
Slore A slut and whore (double-whammy)
Slunt Slut + cunt
SNAFU Situation Normal: All F*cked Up
Snatches Bitches
Sperminated then Terminated Humped and dumped. Got a girl pregnant, then broke up with her.
SS Sophomore sluts. Girls who magically morphed over the summer from dorky freshman into cleavage-bearing, short shorts-wearing, giggling Kesha clones who were only too happy to hang all over the senior guys. Mortal enemy to senior girls everywhere.
Study Buddies Adderall
Suckuation T was referring to a sucky graduation, but could be used in a more general sense for sucky situation
Taylor Swift-ing Writing a song, poem, etc about someone, usually an ex
The Balls Awesome, the sh*t
TIA This is awkward.
Traj Tragic
Traj-noxious Tragic + obnoxious
Trustafarian Trust fund kid
Tweak Freak out.
Uberklempt Stoked; Excited; Amped.
Ugly Cry Crying so hard your make-up runs and your face gets puffy.
V Card Virginity
Vacation goggles Everything seems better when you’re on vacation; sunshine, palm trees, and relaxation clouding your vision
Vacay-cray When you go a little wild on vacation and make bad decisions, like getting engaged to someone you just met
Vali-Dating Dating someone to feel good about yourself
VDTR Valentine’s Day The Relationship; when couples kick it up a notch on VDay and are excessively lovey dovey; lots of PDA
Vehicular virginity The first time you have sex in a car
Verbate Short for verbatim; word for word
Viral Widespread instantly via the internet
Weird-Ometer The scale or measurement of weird.
Whoredrobe Wardrobe of a whore
Wingman Someone who talks you up to someone you’re interested in to help you get laid
WTF What the f*ck
WTFWFDRD WTF would FDR do? (4x17 The New Sex Deal)
YASAP Yesterday as soon as possible
YOGO You Only Graduate Once
Z Time Time to watch TMZ
______ 2.0 The new and improved; better, more evolved version