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A Very Special Episode of Awkward
Season 3, Episode 15
Air date November 19, 2013
Written by Erin Ehrlich
Directed by Joe Nussbaum
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"A Very Special Episode of Awkward" is the fifteenth episode of Season 3 of Awkward.


Valerie recruits students to be in her After School Special video. Jenna lies to Val to get her and Collin out of the project. Sadie suggests a story of a loser girl who tries to kill herself then becomes popular then alienates all her friends. The story, called “What Are We Gonna Do About Jenny” is obviously copied from Jenna’s life. Jake, Tamara & Ming immediately recognize that the film is about Jenna, but think Jenna may re-think her life after seeing the film. Jenna’s mom finds out that she lied to Val and forces Jenna to be part of the film. While filming a scene, Jenna and Tamara argue, with Jenna sticking up for “Jenny.” Jenna snaps at Matty and then Val catches Jenna lighting a joint at school and suspends her. Val realizes the story was about Jenna and goes to help her but Jenna goes off on Val.


The episode starts out in the Sanctuary with Jenna and Collin making out after dating for a few weeks, surrounded by various addicts. Collin is has a cigarette and Jenna believes that DTR'ing is for suckers. Suddenly a stoner kid taps Jenna on the shoulder and points out that her hair is smoking due to the cigarette touching her hair. Jake, Tamara, Matty and Ming walk by the outside of the Sanctuary.

In Mr. Hart's class, Jenna scootches closer to Collin. Mr. Hart pushes her desk back. He announces that everyone is submitting an article for the yearly school magazine, The Experior. Val knocks on the door. She needs help with creating a video for the district-wide competition to win a nurse for the month.

Val wants to create an A.S.S. (after-school special). Jenna tells Collin that they can get out of making the video if they lie. Jenna tells Val that Lacey sprained her back, but that she doesn't want anyone to know. So, Collin and Jenna need to go home after school to help Lacey.

Matty is watching Jenna and Collin make-out in the courtyard to which Sadie tells him that he and Jenna can't be friends anymore.

Val introduces the 6 Steps to an A.S.S.:
1) Establish the problem of the main character
2) her friends are bamboozled
3) the Jolly moment
4) the tragic event
5) the subject hits rock bottom

Sadie comes up with an idea for the A.S.S. which is basically about a character like Jenna, except in the end, the character dies. Everyone agrees. The title is "What Are We Going To Do About Jenny?"

Jake, Tamara, and Ming all want to help Jenna before she starts spinning into "Amanda Bynes-ville." They ask Val what they should do. She suggests they try out for the A.S.S. They all make it into the video. They are reluctant to join until Val offers a Mental Health Pass to skip school.

Jenna and Collin talk about their night. Collin then hands Jenna some pills. It makes Jenna hyper and she is typing fast about everything that comes to her mind for her essay in Mr. Hart's class.

Sadie is then shown being "Jenny" and "writing" a blog. Tamara, Jake, and Ming stand off to the side, realizing who this A.S.S. is about. At first they want to stop the filming, but then decide it might snap Jenna out of her funk.

A montage of Jenna and "Jenny" occurs. Pretty much spot on with Jenna's real life. It ends with "Jenny" hanging herself with a scarf to which Val comes up and takes the scarf away from Sadie.

Jenna gets home to a bunch of balloons to "Get Well Soon". Lacey pops up from behind the balloons telling Jenna that she is unbelievable. Jenna doesn't know what is going on until her mom says that they are from Val about the back sprain. Lacey tells Jenna that she has to do the video.

Val wants "Jenny" to hit rock bottom. Val doesn't want any death. Jenna gets there and realizes what the A.S.S. is about. Jenna's ex-friends stare on in shock.

Jenna is to play best friend #2. Tamara and Ming start blaming Jenna for everything. Sadie also start's trashing Jenna, all of them staying in character until Jenna freaks out and rushes out.

She is outside about to light a cigarette when Matty walks up. But before he says anything, she basically yells at him and he walks away. Jenna still attempts to light the cigarette, until Val walks up and announces that Jenna is suspended.

Val is watching the A.S.S. which ends in the death of "Calvin" (played by Jake) and then Tamara and Ming (in their characters) save "Jenny" from OD'ing and the video ends. Val finally realizes what the video was about.

She goes to apologize to Jenna. Jenna yells at Val for being a "sucky" guidance counselor. Jenna angrily blogs, until realizing what she will write about for the "Heroes & Villians" assignment in Mr. Hart's class. Except it will only be a villain. And that villain, at least in Jenna's mind, is Valerie Marks. She is going to "Take That Bitch Down."


  • This episode aired at a special time, 10:00, followed by the airing of Less Than Hero at the normal time.