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Crowning Moments
Season 4, Episode 6
Air date May 20, 2014
Written by Liz Sczudlo
Directed by Ryan Shiraki
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After Hours

This is the sixth episode of Season 4.


Matty starts getting his beast mode on. Meanwhile, Jake is falling deeper in love with Autumn (Tamara's Catfish profile). Jenna is nervous when Luke decides he wants to come to the Mr. PHHS pageant. Sadie makes a bet that she can make any guy the Mr. PHHS with Lisa. The pageant starts great, but after Jake performs, he calls Autumn, while Tamara thinks she is alone, Jake spots her and storms off. Then Matty comes on, starting off with his stand up routine, but gets angry at his mom as she doesn't laugh at any jokes, and reveals to the whole school he is adopted. He then calls Jenna out and humiliates her about about the pregnancy scare that she had. Jenna then takes Matty off stage, where he says "I'm so sorry, Jenna, so sorry" and walks off. She then checks on her family and sees Luke leaving. Tamara and Jake have a confrontation. When it is finished, Jenna walks out, only to see Luke, waiting outside. He says he didn't walk away because he was embarrassed, he walked away to get her something, and surprises her with coffee and flowers. Matty sees this and watches them kissing. He then walks away looking disappointed and sad.