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Jenna hamilton awkward season 3
Jenna Hamilton
Age 19 Years Old
Family Kevin Hamilton

Lacey Hamilton Morgan Hamilton

Friends Tamara, Ming, Val, Lissa, Jake, Matty
Relationships Luke ( ex-Boyfriend)

Matty McKibben (Boyfriend) Brian ( Ex-boyfriend) Jake Rosati (Ex-Boyfriend) Collin Jennings (Ex-Boyfriend)

Enemies Sadie Saxton
Occupation Intern at Idea Bin

I Am Jenna(Blog) (Previously Called Invisible Girl Daily

Played by Ashley Rickards
First seen Pilot
Last seen Digging Deep
It was just a dramatic teenager rant! Not a cry for help. It was a misunderstanding of epic proportions. God, I wanted to die. I mean, you know what I mean.
— Jenna

Jenna Hamilton used to be Palos Hills High's "invisible girl" until her accident, which everyone else, even her parents Lacey and Kevin Hamilton, thought was a failed suicide attempt. Jenna is 16 years old, but she is wise beyond her years and has an irreverent, optimistic outlook on life when she actually just wants to fit in. Her two best friends are Ming and Tamara. Excited for a new school year, Jenna is quickly disillusioned when she loses her virginity to her crush Matty McKibben who doesn't want to take their relationship public. Things go from bad to worse when a mysterious "care-frontation" letter and her reply leads to a misunderstanding of epic proportions. By making changes and embracing her misfortune, she becomes well-known by her peers. While having to deal with a new, not-so-fun stigma, she still has to manage the daily drama that comes with being a teenager. In the end, this "care"-frontation letter does change her life for the better, until she finds out that her "so called" best friend Tamara is the anonymous sender of the "care-frontation" letter. In the season finale, it was shown that Lacey, was indeed the person who sent the letter.


Jenna - Matty Relationship

Season One

Jenna - Jake Relationship

Season One

Jake Rosati and Jenna bond after both leaving a party that Lissa threw--Jenna because Matty kissed another girl in front of her, and Jake because his three month anniversary with Lissa hadn't gone as planned. It becomes clear that Jake enjoys spending time with Jenna, and Lissa grows jealous, especially once Sadie implies that Jake finds Jenna attractive.Sadie's manipulation prompts Lissa to take a picture of Jenna changing in the locker room, sending a nude photo of her to everyone in school. Jake is the only one besides Tamara and Ming to openly express any sort of anger over the incident, telling Jenna that she should find out who was responsible and get them expelled for such a despicable act, much to Lissa's absolute horror.

Jenna and Jake are chosen to play the lead roles in the school's drunk driving awareness play. Jenna is innitially hesitant about accepting the role of Dead Stacy, but Jake excitedly tries to convince her to play his girlfriend in the production. The pair works with Val to learn their parts, and Lissa sees them holding hands in the guidance office--"waffling is more intimate" according to Valerie--which only serves to worsen her jealousy. Jake is supportive of the changes Jenna makes to the script, and during the play he confesses to "like liking" her, much to Jenna's surprise.

When Jenna's 'aunt' comes to visit, she and Lacey decide to throw a party for Jenna and her friends. However, Aunt Aly slips drugs into Jenna's drink and the party becomes a disaster. After a drugged Jenna lectures and throws up on him, Jake returns the next day to apologize and acknowledge that his behavior was out of line considering he has a girlfriend, asking if he and Jenna can still be friends.

On Jenna's birthday, Jake offers her a seat at his table with Sadie, Matty and Lissa, but she declines.

A few days later, Jake admits to Lissa that he kissed Jenna, prompting her to slap the other girl at school. When Val calls them into the hfor Formal Princess have been sabatoged and printed with Jenna's Carefrontation letter on the back, Jake sits with Jenna and tries to offer her some comfort as she feels the entire school is laughing at her. During their conversation, Jenna realizes that Jake doesn't know about her relationship with Matty, and she begins to wonder why he hasn't told his best friend about her yet. Jenna confronts Matty about his constant secret-keeping and ends up breaking up with him and deciding, with Tamara's help, that she deserves better than to be someone's secret.

She asks Jake to be her date to the Formal. He eagerly accepts and even agrees to let a dateless Tamara tag along as their third wheel. His outright willingness to be dorky in public and his general confidence in who he is impresses Jenna, and she finds herself quite content to have chosen Jake. They dance and briefly discuss the difference between fate and choices. Jake admits that he isn't sure if he believes in fate, but he knows the universe is working in his favor because she is there with him. They kiss just as Matty shows up in a last-minute attempt to win Jenna back. Jenna chooses Jake once again, telling Matty that it's too late, and they stay at the dance until the last song is played. Tamara and Ricky approach them about attending an after-party, but Jenna declines and takes Jake back to her house.