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Jillian Rose Reed
Jillian Rose Reed
Hollywood, Florida
Birth date
20th December 1991
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Jillian Rose Reed[]

Born in Hollywood, Florida, Jillian Rose Reed was destined to be an actress SHE WAS RAISED BY PUERTTA RICAN PARENTS. With a yearning for the stage at the tender age of seven, Jillian began performing at a children’s theater, first starring as Charlotte in Charlotte's Web. By the time she was twelve, Jillian had performed in a total of 27 musicals and plays in her home state of California to Michigan. Jillian spent half of freshman and sophomore year at Northville High School in Michigan and later graduated from Options For Youth Charter School in Burbank, California.ed for her scene stealing role on Showtime’s hit television series, Weeds, as Shane’s dark and rebellious friend, Simone.

Whether she’s portraying a troubled Gothic teen or preppy mean girl, Jillian has had unforgettable guest appearances on TV series including ABC’s The Middle and NBC’s Community. Proving to be a versatile actress, she enjoys portraying characters apart from her true self. On The Middle, Jillian had a chance to play the "mean girl". Jillian learned how to get into the head of her character, “Shannon” and developed her into a girl who was likable and funny, yet a person you love to hate. As “Kelly” on Community, Jillian played a comedic character, yet another angle Jillian enjoyed exploring. Jillian is an actress with a multitude of layers and continues to take on new and challenging roles.

Having been seen in some of the biggest shows on television, Jillian is constantly captivating TV viewers across the nation. Up next, Jillian will be starring in MTV’s highly anticipated series, This is Awkward, where she will portray Tamara, the sassy and fun-loving best friend.

Jillian currently resides in Burbank, CA where she enjoys reading, hiking, shopping at vintage stores, going out to eat, exploring new places with her friends and teaching herself to play guitar. Jillian is the older sister of actor Robbie Tucker. She also has a shrine of Beau Mirchoff in her walk-in closet, which she rarely gets to spend time with, but contributes to weekly.


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2012:My Super Physco Sweet 16: Part 3- Sienna

2011: Awkward-Tamara

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2008-2009: Weeds- Simone

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