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Karmic Relief
Season 3, Episode 19
Air date December 10, 2013
Written by Erin Ehrlich
Directed by Erin Ehrlich
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Jenna still feels guilty about losing Val's job, so she seeks to make amends. She enlists her mother's help to get Val to attend the school hearing. Meanwhile, it's prom season at Palos Hills and Jenna is convinced that Matty will ask her in the midst of their renewed friendship. Ming faces a coup d'état from the Asian mafia when former leader Becca returns.


Part 1

Jenna, Bailey, and Matty are sitting in Matty's car outside a sketchy Liquor store. Matty has a fake ID as "Van Hutcherson" and is going to buy beer, but he can't remember the details. They are about to ask a guy to buy them beer, but he pukes all over. Inside the store, Jenna gets cold feet. When Matty walks up to pay, the cashier is Val. She had to get a job after being fired from the school. Val is angry at Jenna, and tells her to F*ck Herself.

At school, Jenna is very worried about Val, while everyone else is excited for prom. Matty suggests that Jenna try to help get Val her job back.

Fred is about to do magic for Ming but she doesn't like it. He pulls money out of his sleeve for prom tickets. But Ming says the Mafia can get her some free tickets. Henry walks by and Jenna asks him what is happening. He says "Coup d'etat" and runs away. Ming opens her locker to find the mascot's head inside.

At lunch, Ming, Jenna and Tamara talk about the mascot head and how "coup d'etat" means "sudden overthrow." Tamara thinks Becca might be back. The Mafia has turned on Ming. Tamara starts to worry about Prom Dresses. Jake and Matty walk up and start talking about prom. Matty asks what it means to ask someone to prom. Jenna is happy, thinking they are going to Re-TR (redefine the relationship). Tamara's dress stress returns. Jenna is still worried, and guilty, about Val.

Jenna talks to Principal Cox about giving Val a chance to defend herself. Principal Cox says he already planned a hearing.

Lacey is laying on the couch, depressed about losing her job. Apparentley, Kevin cut off Lacey's credit card. Kevin and Jenna try to encourage Lacey to think about a new job.

The girls and Bailey are shopping for dresses. Tamara is very demanding of one of the workers. Ming walks to the dressing room to find an elderly Asian lady who says all but one dressing room is out of order. After she escorts Ming to that room, a boy sits in the corner. He is a neutral party between Ming and the Mafia. The lady walks in and gives Ming a dress.

Bailey thinks Matty and Jenna should go to prom together. Sadie walks up, and announces she is being sponsored to tweet advice. Val calls and once again tells Jenna to "F*ck Off."

Jenna wants Lacey to go with her to Val's house to encourage her to go to the hearing. Lacey gains some more confidence.

Val is happy to see Lacey, but not Jenna. Val's apartment is filled with cat-related items. Lacey starts to encourage Val, only to be discouraged by Val's depression. A guy walks out of the apartment, and he is most likely a criminal. Finally, when Jenna apologizes, Val is convinced and she is going to the hearing.

Ming is at the school. In the dead of night, just like the boy told her to be. She hears a whistle. She turns and sees someone in a dark hallway. Becca is back.

Part 2

Ming and Becca sit at a lunch table. It is still night time. Becca gives Ming the terms of departure. They argue, and Becca says she is going to prom with Fred. Ming says Becca can have the Asians back, under a few conditions. Ming still has the Accountant, Wayne. Ming says that she gets to keep Fred, and Wayne gets weekends off and two sick days a month. Becca argues a bit more, before finally agreeeing. Ming and Fred kiss as Becca walks away. 

Matty, Bailey, and Jenna sit at a table the next day with "Save Val" shirts... except it says "SAVE VAG". Jenna wants people to help save Val. She asks Sadie, who says no. 

Matty and Bailey are fixing the shirts with duct tape. Matty takes off his shirt to try one of the Val ones on. Bailey thought Matty bought into the slut rumours. He doesn't know what she is talking about.

The hearing is happening. Only Val, Lacey, Jenna, Bailey, and Matty attend. The board members are impatient. Lacey talks like a lawyer, but no one knows what she is saying. They have nothing left to add to help Val... until Sadie walks in. She talks about the whole situation with Ally. This convinces the board to re-hire Val. 

Lacey wants to play a lawyer on TV. Val apologizes for telling Jenna to f*ck off. Matty gives Jenna a ride home, but not before Jenna sees his prom tickets. 

Tamara calls Jenna to warn her that she heard Jake talking to Matty about the "prom ask going down tonight." Matty texts Jenna asking if he can stop by. 

Lacey gets home after hanging out with Val. Jenna tells her parents that Matty is going to ask her to prom. SHe then says the dress she wants is $750 and she only has $400. Lacey and Jenna try to convince Kevin to give money for the dress. Lacey gives Jenna the money she was saving as a nurse. 

Ming and Fred make out in the car. Fred is proud that Ming gave up the Mafia for him. Also, she got 1 prom ticket, so that means she has to sneak Fred in through the back. 

Jenna is trying on the dress at home. Kevin says Matty is there, but Jenna can't get the dress off. So she decides to put a jacket on over it. Lacey calls out as a lie that they are about to go to a barmitzvah. 

Matty and Jenna sit down on the couch. Matty is obviously uncomfortable. They tell each other that they are best friends with each other. They begin talking about prom. 

Matty asks if Jenna would be ok if he went... with Bailey. 

The episode ends with a "To Be Continued..."


  • This episode is a special one-hour episode
  • Becca returns for the first time since Reality Check

Guest Cast[]

  • McKaley Miller as Bailey Parker
  • Jessika Van as Becca
  • Mike Faiola as Kevin Hamilton
  • Kelly Sry as Fred Wu
  • Neil W. Garguilo as Principal Cox
  • Ethan Dizon as The Accountant
  • Christopher Larkin as Neutral Party
  • Kiyoko Yamaguchi as Dressing Room Attendant


  • When they kids look at the fake ID, it says "Van's" DOB is 1989, but the next day when Bailey greets him, he says "Class of '89" to which Bailey responds with "Now you remember."
  • Lacey had apparently been a nurse for a month, which means Val has been fired for a month.
Jenna should have tried to help Val earlier
  • The previous episode was the St. Matty's day party for St. Patty's day, but that is in March and the calendar in the Liquor store says June. Which means it should be about 2 and a half months since the previous episode took place.
Although in the shady part of town, and Val not caring, the calendar could be 
wrong. But prom is happening soon so it is most likely end of April-June time.