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Less Than Hero
Season 3, Episode 16
Air date November 19, 2013
Written by Joe Nussbaum
Directed by Joe Nussbaum
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A Very Special Episode of Awkward
The Campaign Fail

"Less Than Hero" is the sixteenth episode of Season 3 of Awkward.


Jenna writes a mean essay about Val and gives it to Mr. Hart to publish. Val attempts to patch things up with Jenna, but Jenna rejects it. Tamara pushes Jake to do more work in his campaign for Class President. Val & Lacey attempt an unsuccessful intervention. Lacy & Kevin struggle over showing tough love to Jenna. Jake fights Tamara over her trying to change him into the perfect boyfriend and their fight ends with her deciding to run against him for Class President. Jenna goes to a club with Collin but discovers that Collin has also invited his ex, Angelique. Jenna flees to the bathroom when Collin wants her to do ecstasy, but then she learns that Angelique already put the drug in her drink. High from the ecstasy, Jenna, Collin and Angelique are on the verge of a threesome when Jenna feels uncomfortable and says she needs to go home. Instead, Collin grabs Angelique and begins kissing her. Desperate, Jenna calls Matty for a ride. Still stoned, Jenna gets upset over another girl's earring in Matty's car and asks Matty to hold her. Jenna thanks Matty for being her hero and he says it's all he ever wanted to be.


The episode starts off with Mr. Hart reading Jenna's "Valerie Marks: Crossing the Line" essay. Mr. Hart won't publish it. He says the reason is that it is cruel. She argues that it is being censored. He gives Jenna a book to read that might help her.

Val and Jenna talk. Val wants to end the cold-shoulder, saying that "Friends fight."

Tamara and Ming yell at a freshman. Tamara says that Jake has not been campaigning for ASB president. They insult Jenna, who walks out of the bathroom stall right behind them.

Collin and Jenna talk in the courtyard about the essay and going out that night.

Tamara gives Jake a list but he declines it. They talk about making posters that night.

Val and Lacey talk on the phone. They want to start an intervention. They need an expert: Aunt Ally. She says she was high last time she held one. Sadie wants to go first, just to insult Jenna. Lacey has Googled how to hold an intervention. Sadie is there because they "want peer pressure and Lil' Bitch has no friends."

Jenna walks in, wondering what is going on. The three adults act awkward at the start. Aunt Ally just comes out and says that it's an intervention. Jenna pretends to care. She tells them that they are hypocrites and the need to f**k off.

Jenna says no one is going to change her. The ladies walk in, to which Jenna exits. She calls Collin to count her in for the night.

Tamara and Jake start making posters for his campaign. Jake's is simple, but Tamara thinks it is too simple.

Jenna's parents are eating dinner, when Jenna comes in to say she is going out. Her dad tells her she is still grounded, which starts Jenna bitching them out. An argument ensues, ending with Lacey saying that if Jenna leaves, she is not allowed back.

At the club with Collin, Jenna runs into Angelique. Collin had invited her.

Lacey regrets what she has done, but Kevin says no. Jenna has to learn the hard way. Then they both start to freak out until Lacey's phone breaks. They hope Jenna is making good choices.

Jenna, Collin, and Angelique are all drinking. Collin takes out ecstasy, to which Jenna declines by saying she needs to use the bathroom. Angelique puts the drug in Jenna's drink, which Jenna didn't realize until after drinking it.

Collin and Angelique are out of it, as is Jenna, but she is too stressed out to be really weird. Angelique starts to make out with a bearded man and rubbing Jenna's leg.

Jake and Tamara argue about who is in control of the campaigning. Their relationship becomes the subject. Tamara decides to get back at Jake, SHE will run for president.

The 3 at the club are basically in a threesome until Jenna decides to leave. Collin starts to make out with Angelique, so Jenna walks out. She needs to call someone. But who?

Matty. As they drive home, Matty tries to be nice. Jenna finds an earring in his car. She starts feeling bad about everything. She asks Matty to hold her, so they start to hug. She thanks him for being her hero, which is all Matty wanted to be for her.


  • Sadie mentions having a Twitter @yourharshtruth. It is registered under Sadie Saxton, but as of November 20, 2013, there are no Tweets on it.