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Age 16 Years Old
Family Unknown
Friends Sadie, Jenna, Matty, and Jake
Relationships Jake Rosati (Ex-Boyfriend)
Enemies None
Occupation None
Played by Greer Grammer
First seen Pilot
Last seen Old Jenna
Hey! Stop! Don't touch me there that sir is my no no square.

— Lissa

Lissa is the best friend of Sadie Saxton, ex-girlfriend of Jake Rosati, and ex-enemy of Jenna Hamilton.In the first Season, Lissa was threatened by Jenna, and felt she was trying to steal Jake from her. Although she is abstinent, she attempted to have sex with Jake in "The Way We Weren't" in order to save their relationship. In "No Doubt", Jake tells Lissa about how he kissed Jenna. He does this on public, which causes a large group of students to circle them. At first, people think it's a fight. Lissa was obviously mad and shows it by screaming at him about why would he kiss Jenna. Sadie spotted Jenna in the crowd and points her out. Lissa walks towards her and slaps her. Valerie arrives and asks her and Jake to go with her to her office. In her office, the couple talk about how Jake can get back into "Liss'a Circle Of Trust". Valerie obviously takes Lissa's side and it is agreed that Jake will give her anything she wants. This includes reading her a mean letter that Saddie wrote which causes them to break up. She then later realizes that Saddie destroyed her relationship with Jake and goes against her.

On the second season, Lissa continues to be mad at Sadie and instead tries to somewhat befriend Jenna. Her resolution for the new year is "letting jesus take the wheel." In her mind, she and Jenna are "even" once Jenna slaps her.