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Matty McKibben
Age 16 Years Old
Family James McKibben (Adoptive Brother)
Friends Lissa, Sadie, Tamara, Jake and Ming
Relationships Eva Mansfield // Amber Horne (Ex-Girlfriend)

Jenna Hamilton (Girlfriend)

Enemies None
Occupation Part-time catering
Played by Beau Mirchoff
First seen Pilot
Last seen Karmic Relief
I felt up my grandparents' Special Ed neighbor when I was 11.
— Matty
Matty McKibben is the long time friend of Jake Rosati and the object of Jenna Hamilton's obsession with the super hottie, along with every girl in school including Jenna's super bitchy nemesis Sadie Saxton. He isn't the typical popular jock. He's complicated because he's actually trapped by his own insecurity and very self conscious. He and Jenna had sex at the end of summer camp in a supply closet, but he doesn't want anybody to know how he feels about or what he did with her.[]

Jenna - Matty Relationship Season One

Matty's interest in Jenna becomes visible on the last day of summer camp thus taking Jenna by surprise, but ultimately leading to them having sex in a supply closet and Jenna losing her virginity. Jenna thinks her chance with the guy of her dreams may have finally come, but much to her disappointment, Matty informs her that no one can know about them. When returning to school for sophomore year, Matty gives Jenna a subtle smile to let her know he hasn't forgotten about what happened, however her attempts to actually talk to him fail. The pair share an awkward exchange when a nude Matty trips and falls into the lap of the injured Jenna while showing his school spirit. The two finally face each other a Jenna's submission in a wheel of chance activity called "Sex Change" at the pep-rally because of Jenna. In the game Jenna is partnered with another student, while he is paired with Sadie Saxton in a race to completely switch clothes with one another's partner. Jenna wins and Matty acknowledges.

Although Matty cares about Jenna, he doesn't really know anything about her or her personal life (what really happened during the acident, her blog, the care-frontation later, etc.) aside from the fact that she had an accident and he doesn't give Jenna any clarity on whether or not he actually believes the "suicide" story.

At the hands of mean girl Sadie Saxton, Jenna faces more embarrasement when pictures of her boobs show up all around campus. She confides in the web, posting on her status that she is in need of saving and that all heroes should apply. Matty doesn't help when he anounces to the school population that "There isn't much to see" upsetting Jenna because she witnessed him say it. Later on, Matty visits Jenna with all the pictures of her boobs in hand (he took them down) and explains that he wasn't trying to insult her, he was only trying to deflect attention from her boobs. It is then that Jenna realizes that Matty saw her status and was attempting to be her hero. The two end the night kissing, but the they do a little more than that on a regular basis.

Jenna starts to believe that Matty wants to finally take their relationship public when he invites her to a kicker with nothing but popular people. She is excited and even brings Tamara along, however things get a little awkward when she realizes that kick backs aren't like raging parties with hundreds of people and she can be easily seen. She spots Matty who comes over to greet the two, but to her dismay he doesn't introduce Jenna as his friend, girlfriend, or anything of the sort and is pretty distant for most of the party.To make things worse, Jenna spots Maty in the hot tub making out with a popular girl and decides that that is her cue to leave so she waits outside on the steps only to run into Jake who seems to also have had enough for the night and offers her a ride home. This marks the official beginning of the Matty-Jenna-Jake love triangle.

Shortly before the Home-Coming Bonfire, Tamara pressures Jenna to DTR her relationship with Matty before they hook-up like everyone else does to save herself some trouble. In the end she lets his charms get to her, and the two hook-up behind a dumpster after the bonfire. Jenna's awkwardness invites her insecurity while they are together leading her to poke fun at herself as they make-out. But, Matty tells her that she is a really good kisser, funny, and beautiful whether she's in the dark behind the dumpster or in the light. When they are done, Jenna feels confident enough to drop the DTR bomb on Matty, but he tells her that he likes her a-lot he's just not sure he's ready to be in a relationship. Back at school, Jenna feels betrayed when she sees a beautiful brunette hop out of Matty's truck leading her to believe that when Matty said he wasn't ready for a relationship, he meant with a suicidal nobody. Jenna then decides to investigate the girl whom she starts to call "Jenna Plus" even though her real name is Olivia. An encounter with a creeper selling "Jenna-Lives" t-shirts lands Jenna in detention with Jenna Plus and Jake allowing her to learn that Jenna Plus is actually a very sweet girl and hang with Jake. Later that day, Jenna confronts Matty asking how he knows Jenna Plus. He reveals that she is actually his Girlfriend-In-Law.

Coincidentally as Jenna is forced by her mother into coming to a Knick-Knackers Intake Gathering, she runs into Matty who is serving drinks. They chat a bit and he tells her that she looks nice. When the two meet again after being brought into the kitchen, Jenna finds Jake to be behind the counter as wellu whom she hadn't seen since they kissed after being released from detention. Jake seems to be a little all over the place and out of it, dropping and spilling things. After Jenna leaves, Matty demands to know what is going on with Jake. Jake informs Matty that he kissed Jenna and that he might be into her. Of course, Matty doesn't take a liking to this and tries to convince him that the kiss was nothing and that he should just let it go. Jake however decides that talking to Matty has only made him realize how into Jenna he really is and that he should talk to her about it to be sure of what's going on between them. When Matty sees Jake texting her so that they can talk, he too pulls out his phone to ask Jenna is they can meet tonight. Matty is afraid that Jenna might be losing interest in him and disappointing when she sees that she has replied to Jake's message insisting that he call her.

Season 2:[]

The second season started in Matty's new year party where Matty tells Jenna that he wants a second chance with her. Jenna is confused. She loves Jake because he isn't embarrassed to be around her (Jenna) in public and he's sweet but, is he too sweet for Jenna? Then there is Matty, gorgeous, caring , and loving Matty... they're in love with each other, but Jenna doesn't want to go back to the awkward silence in public or the secrets of her and Matty's relationship. 3, 2, 1 Happy New Years! Jake and Jenna are together and Matty and Sadie are together..wait, what?! Matty was drunk, and Sadie is pathetic. Later on in season 2 Jenna and Jake brake up... big b*tch (Sadie) tells Jake about Jenna and Matty's past. The night Jake finds out he wont answer any of Matty's calls and wont even listen to Jenna talk. Later that night Matty goes to Jennas house to see what exactly was going on.  One thing lead to another and Jenna and Matty were having a make out session. Little did they know that Jake was there, outside her door, looking in..thinking Jenna was going to be alone,he wanted to apologize for breaking up with her in public, without explaining. Jake and Matty got into a fist fight that week at school..they ended up working it out and putting aside there differences but one thing they both knew is that they were both still in love with Jenna Hamilton. They come up with a proposition, Jenna chooses, Matty or Jake. It took Jenna quite a long time to figure out who she wanted but in the end she was sure and knew who she wanted to be with, who she knew she had to be with, Matty McKibben.

Season 3

Matty and Jenna continue a strong and steady relationship for many episodes. He loves her, but one night he tells her that he once lied to her. That he was once embarrassed of her. Saying he thought he was the reason she tried to kill herself. Later that night Jenna cheated on him by kissing Colin. For Jenna's birthday he buys her a really expensive photograph from her favorite photographer of her. At Jenna's surprise party, Jenna walks in with Colin going at it. And Matty storms out, devastated. Later Matty and Jenna meet in his truck, he says that he can forgive her, but she breaks up with her and he cries. But when she goes cray cray he still tries to be there for her, but she refuses to let him. He still seems to be in love with her. One night Jenna calls him to come and get her. He leaves his girl Deaven and picks her up, and she finds an ear ring in her car and starts to cry, he holds her hand and takes the ear ring out of her hand. They arrive at her house and she asks if he can hold her. He says yes and she says "Thanks for being my hero", he says "Thats all I ever wanted to be". Right Now they're friends and i think they might get back together......

Season 4