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My Super Bittersweet Sixteen
Season 1, Episode 9
Episode 9
Air date September 13, 2011
Written by Erin Ehrlich
Directed by David Katzenberg
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This is the ninth episode of Season 1.


It's Jenna's 16th birthday and Valerie surprises her with a birthday rap in the school cafeteria. The rest of the day doesn't go very well but at the end of the day at 7:32pm (the minute Jenna turns 16) Matty knocks on her door to reveal that he wants to be more than friends and the episode ends with them making out.


The episode starts off with her parents pound into the room and wish her a happy birthday with a cupcake with only one candle.

Jenna’s Dad is taking Jenna to the DMV for her driver’s test and hands her over her lucky socks, which are rainbow striped. Jenna’s nervous about her test, and when the instructor of the DMV, gets in the car, her anxiety shoots up a level because he has a hook hand.

Jenna totally fails her test, and then begs her Dad to hang out with her so she doesn’t have to go to school. However her dad trys to persuade for that its her Birthday and she will have fun at school (As Jenna puts it, “Just another crap day in 2000 suck.”)

Tamara’s at her locker talking to a girl , Jenna approaches, hoping that Tamara is “open to my facemail,” but Tamara is still pissed and barely utters a “Happy Birthday” to Jenna. Jenna has Lissa and Sadie to thank for her birthday locker decorations, who tells Jenna that she lost the deadpool, i.e. she thought Jenna would have killed herself before her birthday.

Jenna tries to get Valerie to write her a note to miss school, but Valerie is excited about Jenna’s birthday and gives her a DVD of Sixteen Candles.

At lunch, Jenna sits alone, comparing herself to David Shapiro, who eats lunch every day with his imaginary friend. Tamara and one of her friends are talking about Ricky Schwartz, and even though Tamara says he’s “HTT Gorge,” she’s tired of being played by him. Her friend brings up his claims for tons of hard-ons during band practice, although based on her “zipper patrol,” her friend thinks it’s all an act. She asks Tamara if she’s going to forgive Jenna, and Tamara says not yet, although she did teach her how to use a tampon, so they’re totally blood sisters.

Jake walks by and asks Jenna if she’s going to the game, then invites her to sit with him, Sadie and Matty.

Valerie shows up with a bullhorn and proceeds to ruin Jenna’s low profile in the cafeteria.

Valerie’s gives Jenna a Birthday rap infront of everybody in the cafeteria. And she blows out the candles on the cake before Jenna has a chance.

As soon as Valerie leaves to get plates, a mortified Jenna gets up to to leave, she rings her mom to give her a lift home but her mom states that their getting new carpets and she will have to wait until their done.

Jenna goes to the game, and Jake saves her from sitting with Valerie on the bleachers.

In the band section, Tamara is with one of her friends talking about Ricky Schwartz, Tamara decides that it’s time to “escape from Schwartz Mountain,” and she sends him a text to meet her at a place where everyone goes to make out.

Matty shows up at the game but still gives Jenna the cold shoulder, Matty then cheers for Sadie (Cheerleading).

Jake asks Matty if his brother Jamie is still kicking his ass, and Matty says, “Yeah, and he’s not the only one.” referring to Jenna.

Jenna, feeling awkward, makes a quick exit, but Sadie runs into her at the bottom of the bleachers and tells her to stay away from Matty and Jake. “You’re like something a desperate celebrity would adopt from a third world country. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” And for her present, Sadie splashes her iced coffee all over Jenna’s shirt.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Sadie invites the mascot to dance around Jenna.

Jenna ends up on the curb, still waiting for for mom, when Jake, Matty and Sadie walk by. Jake asks if she’s going to the after-party , but Sadie says it’s a private party, Jake suggests that Matty give Jenna a ride.

Matty drives Jenna home, and to break up the tension, Jenna apologizes for what she said at the party. Matty says he does care too much about what people think and that it kills him that Jenna thinks that about him.

Jenna talks about her bad lucky, so Matty makes her hand over the “lucky” socks, then he throws them out the window.

Jenna asks if they’re cool, and Matty says, “Yeah,” then Jenna asks “Friends?” and Matty grips the steering wheel.

Inside the house, Jenna's mom presents Jenna with her birthday present: a totally redesigned bedroom! Jenna deems it, “Perfect… for entertaining clients as a highly paid escort.”

In spite of her total terror, Jenna is actually really sweet and thanks her mom, she decides to watch Sixteen Candles

Tamara meets Ricky under the bleachers and tells him off. And she admits that she shouldn’t be mad at Jenna while letting him off the hook. She exclaims,”This flirtationship is over!” And then Ricky says “You’re so hot right now” and they start making out.

Jenna is in tears by the end of Sixteen Candles.

Jenna goes through the box that her mum filled with her “old room stuff,” and starts to accept herself. She pulls on an old medal and flips through pictures , she even rips up the letter from “a friend.”

Looking at her birth certificate, she sees that she was born at 7:32 PM, so she’s actually still fifteen for one more minute. Then she hears a noise at her window, which is Matty. Matty says, “I forgot something. Happy Birthday,” Then he asks, “What happened to your room?”

They lie on the bed and laugh at the mirror. Matty admits that he lied in the car, and he doesn’t want to be friends and then they start to kiss.