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No Doubt
Season 1, Episode 10
Episode 10
Air date September 20, 2011
Written by Kelly Fullerton &
Cassie Pappas &
Meredith Philpott
Directed by Patrick Norris
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This is the tenth episode of Season 1.


It's a normal day at school, until Jenna notices a fight between Jake and Lissa because Jake told Lissa he kissed Jenna. This causes a weird conversation between Jake, Lissa, and Valerie about how he can make up to Lissa. Elsewhere, Jenna tries to reconnect with Tamara with help from Ming. Jenna is forgiven, but Tamara confesses she didn't write the letter and just said it because she was hurt. Moreover, Tamara voices her theory that Matty wrote the letter. This causes Jenna to rethink her "relationship" with Matty while complications arise when Matty wants to take Jenna out for dinner in a secluded area. It turns out to be Matty's family's restaurant and Jenna's concerns are resolved when Matty's uncle comments about how Matty has never taken a girl there before. When they get back to Jenna's home, Tamara and Ming bust their date with games and confessions but are soon won over by Matty's true words. Before leaving Matty and Jenna alone, Tamara whispers that she doesn't think that Matty wrote the letter anymore. In the meantime, Lissa and Sadie team up to make Jake break up his friendship with Jenna but he ends up apologizing to Jenna for the earlier fight, and breaks up with Lissa.


Tamara still hasn’t talked to Jenna for kissing Ricky (Tamara's crush). Jake finally owned up to Lissa about kissing Jenna, Lissa then storms up to Jenna and slaps for in front of everyone at school.

Valerie breaks it up and asks for the Jake and Lissa to come with her. Tamara finally talks to Jenna: “They’re calling it the slap heard across the Quad.” Even better, she refers to Lissa as “so jacked up on Jesus!” Unfortunately, that convo was just a “friendship drive-by,” so the fences still haven’t been mended.

In the counselor’s office, Valerie is trying to help Jake get back into Lissa’s circle of trust. Lissa complains that Jake’s public apology makes her look unstable, and Valerie points out that it has more to do with her twitchy eye.

Jake has a chance to break up with her, but decides not to.

Jenna and Ming are talking in the hallway about how to mend things with Tamara. Jenna wants Ming to act as a buffer, but she protests, staying Chinese people can’t be Switzerland. “The only thing we’re neutral about is child labor!” Jenna persists and finally gets Ming to lure Tamara to the Sanctuary so Jenna can try to apologize again.

Matty comes around the corner and calls her a homewrecker as a joke. He finally asks her out, and Jenna makes him actually say the words “Will you go out with me?”

Ming brings Tamara to the Sanctuary and points out some graffiti: “For a sex touch call Tamara.” Tamara recognizes Ming’s handwriting and wants to know why she wrote it and what the heck a sex touch is.Jenna shows up, and Tamara says she’s not ready to forgive her. Tarama also says she didn’t write the letter, but she has an idea of who did.

Jake, Lissa, Matty and Sadie are sitting together at lunch, and Lissa gets mad about gummi bears, the girls get up to find some non-carb food, and Matty asks Jake why he told Lissa about the kiss. Jake just wanted to come clean.

Back at the Sanctuary, Tamara asks for forgiveness for saying she wrote the letter, and she and Jenna share a warm hug, which is tripled when Ming joins in.

Tarama puts forth the theory that Matty wrote the letter, especially since he’s been hiding Jenna. “He’s Anne Franking you!” She claims that Jenna is too blinded by Matty’s hair products to see the truth, but then Jenna spills the the news that she’s actually got a very public date with him that night. He texts her and says to prepare for a long drive.

Also, Jenna points out that Matty is a remedial speller.

Tamara and Ming show up at Jenna’s house while she’s getting ready for her date. They search her room for the letter (which Jenna taped back up), and they read it aloud, citing “proof” that Matty wrote it. Jenna says they can Nancy Drew it another time, and asks them to stay in her room as she goes down to meet Matty. Tamara tells her not to look for her shoulder to cry on when Matty turns out to be the author of the letter. Ming: “Mine will be available.”

Jenna's mum is busy showing Matty baby pictures, "Here's Jenna when she was just a bump... in my senior portrait!" The drive takes an hour, and Jenna begins to have doubts, especially when she sees the sign for Reseda. Maybe Matty really IS Anne Franking her.

Lissa and Sadie, hanging out by the pool. Sadie is trying to convince Lissa that Jake needs to validate his apology by defriending Jenna, Sadie states that “God sold out his only son to die on a stick.” They start writing out the script for Jake to say to Jenna, and Lissa begins with “Hey Skitch,” which means skanky bitch. Sadie: “Don’t pretend like you coined it. I did.”

Matty and Jenna are finally at the restaurant, and Jenna is horrified by the cheap, vaguely Ren Fest-y decor and Christmas lights. She starts to tell him that she knows he’s trying to hide her, and then this Matty’s uncle sits down and tells her that Matty’s never brought a girl there before.

After dinner, Matty and Jenna are makeimg out walking into the house, and surprise, Ming and Tamara are still there, Tamara instructs them in how to play a game called “What’s your dirty secret?” They all write down a secret and throw it in a bowl, Jenna’s secret: “My friends embarrass me.” Ming’s: “My parents think I’m gay.” Matty revels that he once felt up his handicapped neighbor.

Jake arrives outside of Jenna’s house with Lissa and Sadie in the car. They tell him to go to the door and read Jenna a message. He doesn’t even look at it before he rings the doorbell.

Meanwhile, Matty is doing Ming’s hair, “It’s less about the product and more about the flip.” Tamara asks Matty what she should do about Ricky, since he kissed another girl (Jenna), and Matty says he’s a douche, But Jenna thinks that Matty is being a hypocrite, since he kissed that girl at the party.

Jenna heads downstairs to answer the door, and it’s Jake, who just realized that his girlfriend gave him a nasty note to read to Jenna. Instead of reading it , he apologizes to Jenna for telling Lissa about the kiss, Jenna accepts, and then sends him a facemail that says, “Hey… maybe I like like you? Maybe?!”

Jake leaves, and Matty comes downstairs with a pore strip on his nose. He and Jenna laugh together.

Jake gets back to the car and tells Lissa they are done,He takes the keys and makes Sadie and Lissa walk home.

Tamara tells Jenna that she doesn’t think Matty wrote the letter.

Then Tamara and Ming leave, and Jenna and Matty start kissing on her bed.