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Now You See Me, Now I Don't
Season 5, Episode 4
Air date September 21, 2015
Written by Ryan O'Connell
Directed by Chris Alberghini
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Jenna in Wonderland
The Dis-Engagement Dinner

This is the fourth episode of Season 5.


Jenna gets upset when the yearbook comes out and her nickname is most depressing. However, she also tries to write something cool in Matty's yearbook, while wondering what will Matty write in hers. At the same time, Sadie's mom tries to win her daughter back in an imitation that mothers make about their daughters in Palos Hills, and Ally, who knows her better, offers her help; Matty spends time with Kyle seeing the mother's imitations; Tamara promisses Jenna that she'll end her commitment, but she doesn't; Lissa becomes the new school counselor; And Lacey imitates Jenna when she was plastered, but Jenna hurts your feelings. In the end, Sadie begins to forgive her mother while they both despises Ally. Jenna ends up helping Lacey in her interpretation, and Jenna gets mad with Matty for not writing something so significant, but he explains to her that she is his best friend.