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Old Jenna
Season 3, Episode 18
Air date December 3, 2013
Written by Jamie Dooner &
Lauren Iungerich
Directed by David Katzenberg
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Jenna befriends the new girl, Bailey. Lacey's new job as school nurse attracts the attention of all the boys in school. Tamara and Ming agree to be friends with Jenna again but on probationary terms. Jenna learns that Matty and Devon broke up and also that Matty's parents split up. Austin goes all business on Sadie and Sadie struggles to get him to make a move. Jenna hopes to get together with Matty at his party, but then finds him making out with Hunter, the older girl who had taken his virginity. Jenna gets drunk and kisses Jake, but then Tamara and Jake make up while lecturing Jenna. The next morning Matty reveals that he didn't spend the night with Hunter and there's someone else (Jenna) that he'd rather be with. Jenna sends a message to Val, but Val texts back that it's inappropriate for them to be talking and that she's been fired.


Jenna is making amends with her friends and family as she hangs up their pictures on her wall. Lacey is starting as school nurse. Everyone is staring at Jenna... who then realizes they were only staring at Lacey.

Jenna goes into Val's office. Val is still suspended, so it's just a box of stuff on the desk. A girl walks in needing to talk and Jenna takes the position, thinking she could give as good of info to the girl as Val. The girl is thinking of moving to Boarding School because she was embarrased. Jenna gives good advice saying she will be the girl's first friend and finds out the girl's name is Bailey.

Jenna is on probation with Tamara and Ming. The Mafia is assimilating and Tamara and Jake still have problems. Jenna finds out about the St. Matty's party and that Devon and Matty are broken up because Matty might not be over Jenna.

Sadie is complaining that Austin is not being romantic, only businessy. Sadie thinks she needs to flirt with someone new to make Austin jealous but she and Lissa realize, there are no guys around.

Turns out, all the guys are in line at the nurse's office. They all continually stare at Lacey's breasts. They have all complained of "swollen groins."

Val pulls up in her car wearing a fake beard. She accidentally scares a kid. The principal tells her that she needs to stay 200 yards from the school grounds. She says that she won't leave, until he starts calling the cops.

Mr. Hart tells Kyle to go stand in the hallway. Hunter, one of Mr. Hart's old students comes. She is tricked into staying and teaching the class. Everyone is really confused.

After class, Jenna asks how Hunter passed the class, to which she admits she didn't. But she gives Jenna advice to "go after something she really wants." Jenna decides to take the advice. She creates an invite to the party. Matty is confused at first, but tells her she can come.

At the party, the girls talk about the probation. Matty's parents have split up. And Tamara is nervous about seeing Jake. Bailey is at the party, because Jenna was nervous the girls would ditch her.

Fred isn't at the party to help pump the keg. T goes off to help her. Bailey isn't a drinker, so she goes to get a pop. Jenna isn't allowed to drink because she is the Designated Driver (as well as the fact that it's part of her probation).

Austin is business talking with Sadie as she flirts with him.

Hunter shows up at the party complaining about bumping into a ton of guys she "de-flowered" when she was a student. But there is apparently one guy she wants to talk to still. Bailey has to leave, thanking Jenna for being such a good friend. Jenna accidentally walks up on Hunter and Matty making out.

Tamara and Ming are getting wasted. Jenna breaks the rule to drink.

Sadie yells at Austin for not being aggresiveness. They start to make out.

Jenna is drunk-flirting with Jake, until she kisses him. Tamara sees this. Jake and Tamara are arguing as they lecture Jenna. This causes the two of them to make-up and make-out.

Because Jenna got drunk, the girls and Jake are all staying at Matty's. Apparently Hunter is there too. Jenna texts Val, "I Miss You."

In the morning, Jenna cleans up the party stuff and makes muffins. She apologizes to her friends and this basically is the make-up. Hunter apparently left after she sobered up. Matty is ok with it. He wants to spend time with her.

Jenna has a phone message. She listens to it. It's Val. And she's been fired.

Guest Cast[]

  • Neil W. Garguilo as Principal Cox
  • Anthony Michael Hall as Mr. Hart
  • Shane Harper as Austin Welch
  • Wesam Keesh as Kyle
  • Shoshana Bush as Hunter
  • McKaley Miller as Bailey Parker