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Over My Dead Body
Season 1, Episode 7
Air date August 30, 2011
Written by Cassie Pappas
Directed by Ryan Shiraki
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This is the seventh episode of Season 1.


A mock DUI event is held at the school, and Jenna gets cast as the victim. Jake is the male lead and begins to develop feeling for Jenna and Matty gets jealous.


Jenna is cast in the coveted role of Dead Stacey for Drunk Driving Awareness Day, Jake’s still totally into her, Matty may or may not be, and we learn from the icounselor Valarie that if it’s itching, but not burning, it’s nothing to worry about.

The student body listen to Valerie’s assembly introducing CRASH — Counselors Raising Awareness for Students Who (silent w) Drink. The coveted role of Dead Johnny goes to still-mooning-over-Jenna Jake, and Dead Stacey, an honor more glorious then homecoming queen, goes to Jenna.

Determined to shake the mantle of almost-dead girl, Jenna vows to refuse the part and ask that it be given to her drama queen bestie Tamara. On her way to break the news to Valerie, Jenna’s stopped by an extremely awkward Jake who’s just thrilled to have Jenna as a dead girlfriend. But even Jake’s thinly veiled lust isn’t enough to stop her from marching into the guidance office and declining the part.

Unfortunately, Valerie’s somewhat endearing pitifulness throws a wrench in Jenna’s plans. It seems the principal has started to notice Valerie dispenses crazy rather than helpful advice, such as “Being pregnant does suck, but breastfeeding makes you skinny!” So her job depends on the success of Drunk Driving Awareness Day, and she’s counting on Jenna to put the fear of Goldschlager into the hearts of her classmates. Unable to refuse her outright, Jenna plays the parents card: They’d never allow her to take the role, still shaken up from her suicide attempt.Conveniently, Valerie happens to pop by Jenna’s house that evening, bearing gifts of cactis and diet wine. Unfortunately, when she drops the Dead Stacey bomb, instead of being against it Jenna’s mom — Dead Stacey ’95 — is trilled to keep the bloody prom dress in the family.

Despite vowing to play hard to get, Jenna, resigned to her fatal fate, answers Matty’s text that night by stopping by his house. Within moments of her arrival, however, Matty’s very drunk brother shows up, asking if she’s his girlfriend and smelling her hair. Matty asks her to leave, leaving her feeling super rejected.

To kick off Drunk Driving Awareness Day, Valerie, dressed as the Grim Reaper, taps students on the shoulders, thus turning them into the living dead, complete with zombified makeup. And Jenna, rather than wallow in Matty angst, hatches a plan so Tamara will get some of the stage time she craves and she will, as her dad advised, “change the conversation.”

So she runs some rewrites by Jake, who still wants to talk about their kiss, and placates Valerie by calling her her girl.

She’s so empowered when Matty pulls her behind a wall to apologize, she gives him a “go public or go home” ultimatum.

On stage on the big night, we see that Tamara and her imaginary prom date have been cast as the irresponsible drunk drivers who strike the responsibly sober Stacey and Jonny. While Jenna and Jake idle backstage getting outfitted in fake blood, Jake admits he like-likes her and Jenna realizes she doesn’t know whether she returns the feelings.

Back onstage Valerie as the dramatic voiceover reveals the four teens’ fates: Tamara, her beau, and Jake’s alter egos live, and just as she’s about to pronounce Dead Stacey deceased, Jenna/Stacey is revived by a long kiss given by Tamara.