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Season 1, Episode 1
Air date July 19, 2011
Written by Lauren Iungerich
Directed by Millicent Shelton
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Knocker Nightmare

This is the premiere of the show, and the premiere of Season 1.


In the series premiere of Awkward., Jenna loses her virginity at summer camp with the boy of her dreams. She realizes getting the boy of your dreams isn't all it's cracked up to be, especially when he's too embarrassed to be seen with you. Jenna also gets a 'care-frontation letter' and has an accident in her bathroom, which everyone thinks was an attempted suicide, but she starts to realize this mistake might actually be her ticket to social visibility.


Jenna Hamilton retells her story of how her tragic accident happen and how she became the talk of the school.

It all started on the last day of summer camp with the last party where Matty McKibben Jenna's crush takes an

Screen shot 2011-09-09 at 20.00

Matty McKibben

interest in Jenna. They end up happing sex in the supply closet, Matty tells Jenna that he likes her but nobody must know, he then leaves Jenna speechless and rejoins the party.

Two weeks before school starts Jenna goes home to only find that her mom is avoiding confrontation of asking her why she is upset. Her mom hands her an envelope that she recieved whilst she was at camp.

Jenna goes to her room writes on her blog 'The invisible girl daily' about her worst day ever, Tamara her best friend calls her after seeing her blog status 'Raw, Dry and Reeling' and tells Jenna that boys like popular jock Matty McKibben dont go for girls like us and just be glad he didnt use her. Jenna keeps quite about sleeping with Matty and decides to tell Tamara at a better time.

She then reads the letter in the envelope that stated:


As you are now, you could disappear and no one would notice. Below is a list of suggestions that you should seriously consider:

Number 1:Stop being such a p***y

A Friend

Jenna hurt wrote on her blog it hurts but truth hurts,she then went into the bathroom runs the tap, opens the cupboard and has two aspirins, she chokes of them managers to spit them out but accidently drops the tub of aspirins on the floor trips knocks over the hairdryer into the bath tub which blacks out the electricity and crushes to the floor.

Jenna broke her arm and neck and has to go to school in a cast where everybody including her parents and friends thinks she tried to commit suicide.

Jenna becomes a victim to cheerleaders Sadie Saxton and Lissa bullying.

Due to everybody thinking she commited suicide Jenna was assigned a student guidance counselor Valerie Marks.


Jenna playing the wheel of prep

On the school campus Jenna, Tamara and Ming was the outcast of the student body with everyone staring at Jenna. A prep rally wheel of prep hosted by jock Jake Rosati was happening and Jenna decided that everbody was staring anyway so she volunteer. Matty and Sadie was already on one team so all they need was another girl and boy who become Jenna and a jock footballer. Jenna went first to spin the wheel of prep which landed on Sex Exchange, which the teams had to swap clothes with each other and who ever was the fastest wins. Jenna wins and the whole student body cheers for her (expect the cheerleaders).

Sadie couldnt fit into Mattys clothes and after Jenna finding this out she apologises to Sa

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Jenna changing blog name

die for making her feel bad, Sadie takes her anger out on Jenna. Whilst apologising to Sadie Matty bumps into Jenna, he sees the cheerleaders and decides to ignore her and walks away. Jack overhearing the conversation with Sadie tells Jenna she was brave to do the prep rally.

Jenna after going home checks her profile online and sees 21 friend request where originally she only had 11 friends, she had requests from Jake and Matty who said he cant stop thinking about her, she than changes her blog to 'Invisible girl' daily to 'That girl daily'.




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