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Queen Bee-atches
Season 1, Episode 6
Air date August 23, 2011
Written by Lauren Iungerich &
Nate Federman
Directed by Lauren Iungerich
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Jenna Lives
Over My Dead Body

This is the sixth episode of Season 1.


Jenna is forced to mingle with the mean girls at an elite charity event for her mom. Later, things get even more awkward when she runs into Matty and Jake. Jake acts weird when Jenna comes in the room, and tells Matty about the kiss. Jenna and Tamara sneak into Sadie's room and find her diary/food journal. Jenna uses it to her advantage and blackmails Sadie into accepting her mom into the club. Later, Jenna's mom over hears the other moms talking trash behind her back, discretely ruins a vase, and quickly leaves with Jenna. The episode ends with Jake asking Jenna if they can talk.


Jenna and her mom attempt to join a local charity league called the Knick-Knackers, Jenna unexpectedly gains the upper hand when she finds damning material about mean girl Sadie, and a love triangle emerges.

Just when Jenna thought her life couldn’t get even more awkward, enter the Knick-Knakers, an elite mother-daughter charity league. Jenna’s dragged by her mom, while Tamera and her mom clone/bestie are all too eager to be accepted by the Stepford Wives and their mean-spirited, well-accessorized offspring.

Jenna’s so distracted by her mother’s not-so-quiet desperation she doesn’t notice she’s in Sadie’s house until she runs into her. She then literally runs into Matty, who’s moonlighting as a waiter.

After dragging Matty away Sadie points out, “you have to be cruel to be kind,” which happens to be #7 on the ominous letter, convincing Jenna and Tamera she’s the one who wrote it.

Jenna is impressed with Sadie’s mom’s taste in art, and Jenna’s mom tries in vain to chat up Sadie, who sweetly asks if Jenna’s mentally ill. Meanwhile Jenna’s forced into the kitchen — only to be confronted with Jake, who’s also a drink server at the soiree, for the first time since they’ve kissed. After she leaves, Jake spills his guts to Matty, and the knowledge someone else is hooking up with Jenna which makes Matty a little more than flustered.

Meanwhile, Tamera’s found Sadie’s room, and after Jenna discourages her from peeing on her bed, they stumble upon (and swipe) Sadies diary.

Back at home, Jenna’s mom is ecstatic they’ve made it to Knick-Knackers round two, and Jenna finds she doesn’t just have Sadie’s journal… She has her food journal, complete with her weight.

Tamara is hell-bent on Jenna using her new power for evil, but she isn’t convinced. Inexplicably, she once again turns to guidance counselor Valerie for advice which is just as afraid of Sadie’s wrath as her students, and suggests Jenna fight dirty.

Matty’s trying to convince Jake not to pursue any Jenna-romance, and Jenna’s mom tries to convince Tamera’s mom she she doesn’t need the Knick-Knackers, all the while hiding her glee at her potential spot within the group.

Back at Sadie’s house, her mom catches her sneaking a cookie and they both head back to her room, where she sobs over insecurities about her weight.

Displaying excellent mean girl form, Sadie stages a conversation, knowing Jenna’s in earshot, about a secret formal dress code for the next Knick-Knacker event, and Jenna falls for it. As her mother searches for the perfect evening gown she explains her desire to be part of the Knick-Knackers to redeem herself from her teen mom past and be accepted.

So they show up in shiny, shiny dresses to serve food at a soup kitchen, and when Jenna’s mom excuses her of setting her up, Jenna snaps and decides to reveal her secret weapon.

Even when Jenna’s being cruel, she’s still kind, using the book as blackmail to get her mom the spot in the Knick-Knackers and returning the journal to Sadie as promised. She also confronts her about the letter, but Sadie insists she wouldn’t write any mean things about Jenna… not anonymously, at least.

Back at the bar, waiters Matty and Jake are back on the topic of Jenna love, and when Jake decides to text her about talking, Matty tries to head him off by finally returning Jenna’s text about hanging out. But Jenna’s finally decided to cut the puppet strings, and agrees to talk to Jake while leaving Matty hanging.