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Season 2, Episode 1
New Year Party
Air date June 28, 2012
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Sex, Lies and Videotape

Full Summury[]

It’s Christmas Eve. Jenna is blogging about what it means that her own mother wrote her that letter. She’s also torn between accepting Jake’s online request to officially be in a relationship, and her very strong feelings towards Matty.

Her mom gives her a necklace on Christmas morning, and her dad gives her a box of condoms. Jenna actually sweetly accepts her dad’s goofy protective gesture, but does everything she can to avoid her mother’s faux love. What we discover in this episode is that Jenna’s biggest obstacle is her fear that her mother just doesn’t love her. And the scariest part? Jenna asks, “Would Jake still accept me if my own mother didn’t?”

The main event in the premiere is the New Year’s Eve party at Matty’s house. The countdown to midnight serves as a countdown for Jenna to officially choose Jake or Matty. Tamara is just worried about having a “Prozac attack.” She’s pretty sure she’s “commit legit” with Ricky because he sexted her a picture of his hand with a note that says, “We miss you.”

Almost as soon as Jenna gets to Matty’s, she feels the need to talk to him. When she finally finds him in the garage and he confesses his love for her, he tells her to meet him in that spot at midnight if she decides to choose him.

What happens instead is that Jenna finds Jake at midnight, and they make out and she ultimately accepts his official relationship request. Matty gets found in the garage, but it’s by Sadie, who finally admits her two-year crush on him, and gets as far as second base before Matty passes out.