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Sadie Saxton
Age 16 Years Old
Family Ms Saxton
Friends Lissa, Jake and Matty
Relationships Sergio (Boyfriend)

Austin Welch (Ex-Boyfriend) Ricky Schwartz (Fling; Deceased) Matty McKibben (Ex-Crush)

Enemies Jenna, Tamara, Ming
Occupation Working in a German food truck.
Played by Molly Tarlov
First seen Pilot
Last seen Karmic Relief
If I wrote you an evil letter you'd better believe I'd sign my name.

— Sadie

Sadie Saxton is the best friend of Lissa during the first four seasons  of the show but has recently shown to be a better friend now with Tamara in season 5. She is also the main nemesis of Jenna Hamilton due to their shared obsession with Matty McKibben. Although, her obssession with Matty has changed from being her having a crush on him to her just being a protective friend. Sadie's got some cushion for the pushing which means there's more to love or in her case, hate. Despite her popularity and power, Jenna senses that Sadie feels like she never measures up. She makes excuses for her bad behavior because she feels entitled. She thinks the world owes her for having to suffer a fat gene. She has everything except the perfect body. It is seen that Sadie enjoys making people feel miserable. It is seen that most students, and teachers are possible scared of her, such as Valerie. When Valerie acts as the grim reaper, and told Lissa and Sadie they were dead, Sadie refused to put on the facepaint they must wear. Sadie has a melt down. To calm down Sadie, Valerie asks if she gives her $30.00 dollars will she put on the facepaint. Sadie says make it 50, and Valerie pays up. It is shown that Sadie convinces Lissa to make Jake do things to Jenna, like give a letter to Jenna, which would make Jenna angry at Jake, and Lissa would have Jake all to herself, but the plan didn't work and Jake broke up with Lissa. It is shown that Sadie loves to make Jenna's life a living hell, for example by walking up to her and saying "Hey sucide slut," or putting Skank on her name tag when she went to the Nick Nack meeting at Sadie's house. It's true that Sadie is obsessed with Matty, like when she saw Matty talking to Jenna, she trys to get his attention so he won't talk to Jenna. "Jenna is an ozzing skitch." Jake Kelly is by far the best Sadie Saxton in real life. You better not fuck with him, because he will take you down. "Maybe if you werent so fucking nerdy and needy, people would actually talk to you and at least pretend to like you. You're Welcome." -Jake