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Image Season Original Airdate
Awkward season 1 Season 1 July 19, 2011- September 27, 2011
In the series premiere of “Awkward.”, Jenna loses her virginity at summer camp with the boy of her dreams. She realizes getting the boy of your dreams isn't all it's cracked up to be, especially when he's too embarrassed to be seen with you. Jenna also gets a 'care-frontation letter' which ends with a misunderstanding in which everyone thinks was an attempted suicide, and she starts to realize this mistake might actually be her ticket to social visibility.
Awkward-ashley-richards-beau-mirchoff-brett-davern Season 2 November 14, 2011
Winter Break is heading to an end, that is not until after a New Year's Party at Matty's house. Jenna thinks that Matty is completely over her untill he says he wants another chance. So Jenna has two options: meet Matty and have another secret night together or go with Jake, her unoffical boyfriend. Jenna chooses Jake and as she shares a passionate kiss with him. Matty and Sadie share a makeout session until Matty falls asleep. Later in the night, when Jake is at Jenna's house, he sees the condoms her dad gave her in which she reveals to him that she is not a virgin. At the end of the episode Jenna becomes "offical" with Jake and she finally deals with the Care-Frontation letter.