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This is just like sophomore year. He's getting what he wants and you're not.
Tamara to Jenna about Matty


On August 5, 2013, Awkward was renewed for a fourth season. Chris Alberghini and Mike Chessler will replace Lauren Iungerich as showrunners. The season was initially given a 10 episode order but on November 19, 2013, it was reported that MTV ordered an additional 10 episodes bringing the total episodes of season 4 to 20. Season Four premiered with a special one hour episode on April 15, 2014.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast


  • Even more complications for Jenna as a senior
  • More boy trouble, drama with her friends, a new girl in town who has eyes for Matty
  • Senior Year is even more Awkward. This spring, all that's at stake is the rest of their lives.

4A Episodes[]

Image Title Original Airdate Episode
AwkwardNWIAI No Woman is An Island April 15, 2014 01 4.01
Jenna is determined to make a fresh start. Lingering feelings for Matty harden Jenna's resolve.
AwkwardLTT Listen To This! April 22, 2014 02 4.02
Jenna tries to communicate with a distant Matty. Tamara questions Jake's talent for music.
AwkwardTBAA Touched by an Angel April 29, 2014 03 4.03
Jenna and Matty try stay friends and have sex, but Jenna find the arrangement unbalanced.
AwkwardSS Sophomore Sluts May 6, 2014 04 4.04
Jenna and Tamara compete with sophomores for attention from Matty and Jake.
AwkwardO Overnight May 13, 2014 05 4.05
Jenna and Tamara go on an overnight visit to a college. Matty has a party.
AwkwardCM Crowning Moments May 20, 2014 06 4.06
Jenna has a college romance while managing a male beauty pageant.
AwkwardAH After Hours May 27, 2014 07 4.07
An amicable group outing devolves. Jenna realizes that she might still have feelings for Matty.
AwkwardPB Prison Breaks June 3, 2014 08 4.08
Jenna decides to visit Luke at college. Matty and Jake spend a night in jail.
AwkwardMPS My Personal Statement June 10, 2014 09 4.09
Jenna and Tamara view the possibility of separate futures. Eva plots to keep Matty and Jenna ousted.
AwkwardSJ Snow Job June 17, 2014 10 & 11 4.10 & 4.11
At the senior ski trip, rivalries and romances culminate.

4B Episodes[]

Image Title Original Airdate Episode
AwkwardF Finals September 23, 2014 12 4.12
Jenna tries to focus on her finals after the senior ski trip.
AwkwardALP Auld Lang Party September 30, 2014 13 4.13
Although Jenna wants to have a quiet New Year's Eve, plans go awry.
AwkwardWTH Welcome to Hell October 7, 2014 14 4.14
Jenna heads for a meltdown after receiving a rejection; "Hell Tent."
BotV Bonfire of the Vanities October 14, 2014 15 4.15
Things get crazy at the senior bonfire; Jenna and Tamara announce the boys' girl-rating tradition.
Awkward Hashtag Drama October 21, 2014 16 4.16
The battle of the sexes erupts again; Tamara and Jenna's "Dude Database" goes viral.
Awkward The New Sex Deal October 28, 2014 17 4.17
After the battle of the sexes, the Valentine's Day prospects are dim; Jenna tries to help things by renting a party bus.
Awkward Girl Rules November 4, 2014 18 4.18
Jenna is at odds with Matty's girlfriend on his 18th birthday; Sadie and Tamara battle for cheerleading dominance.
Awkward Over the Hump November 11, 2014 17 4.19
Jenna tries to keep everything balanced, but with the stress of college applications and boy-related drama, her final Spring Break is not much of a respite.
Awkward Sprang Break November 18/25, 2014 20 & 21 4.20 & 4.21
Shenanigans ensue while the students enjoy spring break at Ally's rental beach house in Rosarito, Mexico.



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