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Sex, Lies and Videotape
Season 2, Episode 2
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Air date July 5 2012
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Three's a Crowd

Jenna, Jake and Matty[]

As we have know form the pilot episode Jenna lost her virginity to Matty at camp and so far she has only told Jake that she lost her viginity to somebody she loved, Jenna has left out that it was Matty as she fear it would upset Jake. At the begin of season 1, Jenna was completely in love with the hot, popular Matty, but he still wouldn’t risk his popularity for the girl with “the suicide stigma.”

But telling Jake that she wasn’t a virgin in last week’s Season 2 premiere (Season 2, Episode 1: “Resolutions”) has proven problematic. Jake feels threatened, not only by her experience, but by the fact that Jenna loved the guy. Ironically, he seeks out Matty for advice on how to maintain “being a dude” while still wanting details.

Jake tells Matty about the situtaion and also manages to bring up that Jenna “loved this other guy." without realise that Matty was the guy. Matty asks Jake, “Is she still in love with him?” Jake obviously hopes not, but Matty hopes that she does.

Matty then went to find Jenna to ask “Have you slept with anyone besides me?” She said “No,” bashfully, and Matty declared, “I love you.” Which then made Jenna doubt her realationship with Jake.

Matty texted Jenna to meet him at the Sanctuary, Jenna show up to tell Matty that she is finally happy because “[Jake]’s not embarrassed of me and he never makes me feel bad about myself.”

By the end of the episode, Jenna stood her ground. And Jake continued to to be to show perfect Boyfriend qualities, by telling her, “What I want is for you to be comfortable telling me everything.” She replied, “I’m not in love with that other guy anymore. I’m completely invested in you.” then they kiss.

Jenna and Lacey[]

Now that Jenna knows it was her manipulative mom who wrote the devastating letter, she’s stuck. On one hand, Jenna is getting sicker and sicker of keeping secrets. The sex-with-Matty secret is bad enough, but now Jenna and her mother are both keeping a major secret from her dad.

At first, her mom tries to force feed all of Jenna’s favorite foods in an attempt to distract her and make her feel better. Not that any amount of chocolate cheesecake could erase the pain she feels, knowing how her own mom feels about her.

What Jenna wants is for her mom to tell her dad. To ‘fess up already. While feeling awful about it in her room, Jenna typically takes to her blog to unleash her anguish. Which then an anonymous commenter comments on Jenna blog/Ultimately, Jenna realizes that it isn’t her “secret to tell,” as the commenter advised. Her mom does tells Kevin that it was her who wrote the letter.

Ming and the Sanctuary tape[]

All the fuss surrounding the newly discovered security camera perched above the entrance to the Sanctuary was tightly wrapped up in Ming’s new involvement in what Tamara called “the Asian mafia” of Palace Hills.

Ming persuades the Asians (mainly Becca) to get a hold of the security footage, since Jenna and Matty’s walks of shame might be on there. But it turns out there was nothing to worry about in the first place. It was just the Vice Principal kissing a guy, and when Valerie discovers that, she gets him to step down. It turns becca was only helping Ming as "Himore was trying to stop us from letting us park our cars in the visitor spaces, that bitch had to go."