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Snow Job
Season 4, Episode 10 & 11
Air date June 17, 2014
Written by Mike Chessler &
Chris Alberghini
Directed by Peter Lauer
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This is the tenth episode of Season 4 and the mid-season finale.

Summary: Part 1[]

The seniors are going on their annual ski trip, and although Eva is subtly provoking Jenna by flaunting her and Matty's relationship, Jenna tries to focus on her own problems rather than worry about other people. While on the bus, Matty informs Sadie that Eva is jealous of their friendship. Subsequently, Sadie attacks Eva and is kicked off the bus, thus not being able to go on the trip. Once the students arrive at the lodge, Jenna is united with Luke, who surprises her by visiting. After a mishap on the mountain, Jenna finds herself alone with Matty. He confronts Jenna for being accusing and hostile towards Eva, and tells her to back off. Meanwhile, Sadie attempts to get revenge on Eva, and when visiting Eva's home, Sadie discovers that Eva is not who she says she is. After visiting her real house, Sadie's finds out that Eva's real identity is a girl by the name of Amber Horne, who lives with her grandmother outside of the school district and is a violent, compulsive liar with an obsession towards Matty and the sabotage of her classmates. After finding this out, Sadie calls Matty, but Eva hides his phone and leads him to another house on the ski mountain, apart from all the classmates. Along the way, Jenna and Eva go through feuds, and Luke gets agitated with Jenna, then eventually leaves the lodge.

Summary: Part 2[]

Jenna is then contacted by Sadie, and they both try to find Matty and tell him about the secrets Eva is hiding. They are later tracked down and found in the house, where it is revealed that Eva is pregnant. Jenna and Sadie are not sure of this due to Eva's lies, and Matty stands by Eva by insisting that he cannot leave Eva when she is carrying his baby. Later, Matty, Jenna, and Sadie watch as Eva is busted for breaking into someone else's house, which she originally claimed was hers. Finally, the trip is over, and when they get back home, Jenna decides to call Luke in order to make amends. However, Luke breaks up with her, believing she is not mature enough. Eva takes another pregnancy test in order to assure Matty that she really is with child. Sadie, Jenna, and Matty wait outside the restroom, and Sadie and Jenna are positive that Eva is lying about her pregnancy. However, her test reads positive, and Eva is, indeed, pregnant.




  • This is a special, hour-long episode.