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The Adventures of Aunt Ally and the Lil' Bitch
Season 1, Episode 8
Air date September 6, 2011
Written by Lauren Iungerich &
Andrew C. Veeder
Directed by David Katzenberg
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Over My Dead Body
My Super Bittersweet Sixteen

This is the eighth episode of Season 1.


Jenna throws a wild keg party to try to impress Matty, with help from her mom and her mom's best friend, Ally. The next day, a hungover Jenna struggles to reconstruct the events of the night, which ended with Jenna giving a lecture to Jake, hurting Matty's feelings and a kiss with Ricky (Tamara's crush who she talks about throughout the whole season). After Tamara throws out her and Jenna's best friend picture, and their friendship, she tells Jenna that she is "so glad she wrote that letter", talking about the "carefrontation".


Jenna's mothers friend Ally comes into town since Jenna's dad is away on business. Ally has been known for causing trouble and whenever she comes over, something always goes wrong.

Ally decides she wants Jenna to throw a "kick-ass" party, however Jenna refueses so Ally and Jenna's mom hack her homepage and send out invites to all of Jenna's classmates.

At first Jenna is against the idea, despite Tamara's pleas, she only changes her mind when Matty calls and asks what time he should be over for the party. Then Tamara's gets even more excited cause her long-time crush Ricky is coming to the party.

After Ally and her mom give her a makeover, Jenna still doesn't feel comfortable at the party, so Ally gives her a pill to help her relax. Afterwards the rest of the night is a blur for Jenna. She wakes up the next day, not remember at all what happened the night before and finds tons of notifications and pictures on her homepage.

As the day progresses,she, her mother and Ally clean up the party mess, she gets flashes of memory from the night before. whilst tidying. Ally tells her she shoved her tongue down some guys throat, but she doesn't know his name, only that he had green shoes on.

Between Jenna worrying about whether she hooked up with Jake or Matty, Jenna cant get hold of Tamara who's not answering her phone calls, she starts to freak out. She remembers talking to Matty in the hallway and telling him that "he thinks he's a big shot basketball player and doesn't like her and only likes to party" in which Matty gets upset and leaves the party. Mortified, Jenna texts Matty to apologize for the way she acted and what she said the night before, to which he replies "sure."

The next flashback she gets is of her talking to Jake saying "You're the nicest guy I've ever know, you're like a puppy, which is good cause everyone loves puppies, I love puppies." Jake comes to Jenna's house later in the day to return her dad's shirt because she "threw up on his shirt after giving him a lecture about kissing her after detention."

The last flashback she has is of Tamara showing Ricky her boobs through the glass door which she stops jenna from doing. After doing so Ricky goes outside and Tamara gets upset and tells Jenna to go talk to him. Jenna still can't connect this piece to what happened last night and she still doesn't know who she "attacked with her tongue."

Ming calls her and tells her to look at the crazy pictures on her page. As Jenna looks on her page she sees many outrageous pictures on her page, she see's a picture of her making out with Rick while Tamara stands on the sidelines watching.

She immediately goes over to Tamara's house with a peace offering and telling her she's sorry and she would "never even think of kissing Ricky" to which Tamara screams at her that "You think you're too good for him just because you hooked up with Matty." Tamara also tells Jenna she needs to wake up because Matty is only using her for sex. Then the most shocking part of the episode is when Tamara says "I'm glad I wrote you that letter (from the first episode)! You're dead to me Jenna!" and is the assumed end of their friendship.