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The Campaign Fail
Season 3, Episode 17
Air date November 26, 2013
Written by Christy Stratton
Directed by David Katzenberg
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"The Campaign Fail" is the seventeenth episode of Season 3 of Awkward.


Jenna attempts reconciling with her parents and friends, but the friends aren't so willing to take her back in. Things get dirty in the Presidential Campaign between Jake and Tamara. Ming begins losing control of the Asian Mafia. Jenna learns that she's caused a fight between Matty and Devon, over Matty leaving to pick up Jenna. Jenna confronts Collin, asking if he slept with Angelique after the club, but Jenna learns that he had never stopped having sex with Angelique. Val gets indefinitely suspended from her job because of Jenna's article. Tamara wins the Presidential election and Jake breaks up with her because of it.


The episode starts with Jenna lying in a chair outside the morning after the Collin/Angelique incident. She thinks how she has failed everyone. But she wants to make things up to everyone, and she starts by making breakfast for her parents, followed by giving Kevin the newspaper. Suddenly, her father hands her her bill for living there.

Lacey drives Jenna to school. She compliments her mother.

Tamara talks to Ming about her campaign for president. Jenna walks up to them, complimenting them. Jenna says she wants T to win the campaign. She walks away as Jake walks up. They argue about the election.

Jenna tells Mr. Hart not to publish the article... except it's a substitute. The article has already been published in the magazine. She wants to warn Val immediately. She throws away the copies that she has. She starts going around taking the magazine from people.

Lacey and Val talk, because Lacey wants to "get a life" which means a job. Val hires Lacey as the school nurse that they won from the A.S.S. competition.

Jenna goes to sit with Matty at lunch. Things are clearly awkward. Devon is not currently on campus, but is texting Matty. Devon has not stopped yelling at Matty since he left her to pick up Jenna the previous night. Jenna tells him to let Devon calm down.

Jake has vote for Jake arrows while Tamara has "T" and "t" cookies. Tamara asks Sadie to help with technological campaigning. But Sadie said it would cost $500. The Mafia has Jake shirts but Ming tries to handle it. They say that they want to remain in the shadows.

People have been reading Jenna's article.

Collin doesn't remember kissing Angelique. But then he kind of does. Collin admits to sleeping with Angelique; he hadn't stopped. He says that the relationship wasn't exclusive. Jenna is upset.

Tamara is presenting her campaign speech. She talks of a "Locker Swap" service. Jake goes next. He starts to trash talk Tamara. T fires back. Arguing ensues. The principal reads the magazine, and after ending the debate, demands Val in his office.

Jenna sits in the bathroom. Tamara walks in. They hug. Except Tamara kind of pushes her off. Jenna walks into Val's office to talk, only to find out Val has been indefinitely suspended.

Tamara has won the election. Jake and Tamara fight. They break up.

Jenna sits in her room, not eating because she just isn't hungry. She hasn't completely won anyone back. She has even pushed some people away. She decides to apologize to everyone, starting with her mom. Lacey and Jenna hug.


-The title has two meanings:

  • Jenna fails at campaigning to get her friends and family back
  • Jake fails at the campaign for ASB president