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The first episode of Awkward featured a rather rude letter given to Jenna. It’s been referred to as a "Carefrontation" letter.

A friend

'Carefrontation' Letter

Carefrontation Letter

What was written in the letter:


As you are now, you could disappear and no one would notice. Below is a list of suggestions that you should seriously consider:

Number 1: Stop being such a pussy.

Number 2: Your instincts suck. Second guess them.

Number 3: The only people more pathetic than you are your friends. Drop the dead weight.

Number 4: When you're pretty, you're happy. And clearly you're not happy.

Number 5: Pull your head out your ass and stand out.

Number 6: Nobody likes the pitiful. Stop being such a drag.

Number 7: You have to be cruel to be kind.

Number 8: Make amends.

A Friend

Spoiler Alert
At one point, Jenna’s best friend, Tamara, even claimed credit for the letter, Although that was proven wrong when she made up with Jenna and stated that she didn't write the letter but she knows who did, Tamara and Ming thought Matty did because he’s grooming Jenna to be his popular girlfriend (as the letter stated about the only people being more pathetic than Jenna is her friends), Jenna later decides that it could not have been Matty. It was later assumed that Sadie wrote the letter as it quotes one of her lines 'you have to be cruel to be Kind'. However on the last episode on season one "Fateful" Jenna finds out that her mom (Lacey) wrote the letter as Jenna was looking for the code for the security alarm in the 'junk' draw and she finds the exactly same paper (same pattern) as the "carefrontation letter".