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The Scarlet Eye
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date August 9, 2011
Written by Meredith Philpott
Directed by David Katzenberg
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The Way We Weren't
Jenna Lives

This is the fourth episode of Season 1.


Everyone that was in the hot tub at Lissa's party gets pink eye including Tamara. When the homecoming bonfire comes Jenna wants to DTR (Define the relationship) with Matty before the bonfire where everyone hooks up.


Jenna wonders if she and Matty can be a real couple, Ming feels left out, and pink eye spreads like wild fire across the school.

So somehow Jenna has failed to tell one of her BFFs, Ming, that she’s not only is she no longer a virgin, she’s been sleeping with popular Matty Mckibben. Ming’s not only mad that she was out of the loop, she’s sure Jenna isn’t really ok with sleeping with a guy who barely acknowledges her existence, let alone their relationship. Jenna promises not to hook up until they DTR (define the relationship). Also, there seems to be a bit of a pink-eye epidemic on campus. Turns out while Jenna and were having their moment in his car, their was an orgy at Alyssa’s in the dog-poop invested hot tub, which is apparently the cause of all the pink-eye. Tamera’s excited about her pink eye, oozing her new status symbol.

Matty stops by Jenna’s locker to apologize for his less than enthusiastic socializing at the party, and invites her to the homecoming bonfire. Unfortunately a strategically placed hat prevents her from seeing whether he has pink eye, and thus was involved in the hot tub orgy.

Jenna seeks out her guidance counselor for some advice on whether she needs to DTR. After a miscommunication leads to a one sided conversation on oral sex, Val, like a responsible adult, advises Jenna to hold in her feelings.

Still, after finding out the bonfire is really just another giant orgy in the making Jenna’s determined to DTR, but before she can get to Matty, an obviously smitten Jake corners her and thanks her for the great night.

In the midst of a creepy parent sex story Jenna learns her parents first hooked up at their pep rally bonfire The anecdote leaves Jenna shuddering and thinking maybe the bonfire will be a good place to start an official relationship with Matty.

Ming, escapes to the bonfire and insists on staying with Jenna at all times so she won’t miss anything again. While Jenna’s plotting a way to get to Matty, her parents are getting high in the parking lot. Just when Ming and Jenna are about to have a heart to heart her mom shows up and drags her away.

A member of the rival team shows up and tries to hose down their school spirit, and Matty takes the distraction as a chance to steal Jenna away to hook-up behind the dumpsters. After making out for a bit, she finally works up the courage to ask if they’re together. And he gives her the line, “I don’t think I’m ready for a relationship right now.” Fighting tears, Jenna agrees to keep “hanging out'.

Jenna and Ming make up, and Jenna begins to think the letter might be from an honest friend rather than a mean spirited foe. Also, Ming’s parents outfitted her with their dogs bark collar. Not the electric fence one, a collar that zaps her if she laughs.