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The Way We Weren't
Season 1, Episode 3
Episode 3
Air date August 2, 2011
Written by Erin Ehrlich
Directed by Ryan Shiraki
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Knocker Nightmare
The Scarlet Eye

This is the third episode of Season 1.


When Jenna thinks Matty is taking their relationship public at an 'in crowd' party, she's heartbroken when he ditches her for another girl. Jenna starts to get to know Jake, and Tamara starts to make some new friends.


Awkward Jenna and popular Matty are together and they’re doing it in cars, behind the bleachers, in play houses. Jenna is reduced to learning about her secret lover by asking ice breaker questions while she’s on top of him. But things might be looking up, because he invites her to Lissa’s party.

Lissa is doing some kind of striptease to promote the abstinence club, and Sadie insists the party have the perfect ambiance for her planned hookup with Matty. Jenna’s BFF Tamera also insists Jenna take her along so she can up her “red cup Facebook pics,” which creates an uptick in your high school popularity.

Tamara and Jenna’s mom help her prep for the party, and Tamera is sure the nasty letter Jenna got is from Sadie. After an awkward orgy flash back and a gift of beer from her mom, Jenna and Tamera enter what they expect to be the party of teen movie legends, only to find a handful of people in a small get together.

Matty vouches for Jenna as someone he invited, but doesn’t go out of his way to hang out. And when Jake talks to Jenna, jealous Lissa kind of mauls him. Worried she’ll lose him if she doesn’t sleep with him, she goes to Sadie for advice. Sadie informs her “God has a blind spot.” Matty starts to chat up Jenna, but clams up the minute people are around. Then the hot tub gets fired up.

By the pool Jenna spots Matty making out with some random chick. After she storms off, Mattie then says to the girl he not feeling it, Meanwhile Lissa offers Jake her “behymen” and he bolts. Sadie, also hurt by Matty’s hot tub hookup, gets a dog to poo in the pool so everyone has to evacuate. Jenna ends up getting a ride home from Jake and they spend some quality time laughing about his sexually confused girlfriend.