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Three's a Crowd
Season 2, Episode 3
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Air date July 12 2012
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Sex, Lies and Videotape
Are You There God? It's Me, Jenna

Jenna and Jake's relationship is finally going smoothly that is untill Matty starts tagging along and tries to tempt Jenna constantly.

Full Summary[]

The episode begins with a school assembly. Valerie, Jenna’s guidance counselor who thinks that Jenna is her best friend, is now Vice Principal. Valerie, in hopes of stopping the bullying that’s happening, creates a school-wide event called “Anti-Bully Awareness Week”. Valerie is explaining to the school that throughout the week, if she catches anyone bullying, then they have to wear a huge red “B” sticker and try and get sponsors for the 5k bully walk on Friday. Tamara and her choreo club perform a dance routine in…interesting outfits, and Sadie makes a comment about them showing off their honey pots. Sadie receives a big “B” sticker, and when Tamara spots Ricky making out with another girl and completely freaks out in the middle of the dance routine, she then receives a "B" sticker too.

While this is all happening, Matty is totally being the third wheel. Jenna’s trying to spend time with Jake alone, but Matty is well determined to sabotage Janna’s relationship.But Jake doesnt want to tell Janna that he is truley inlove with kahu

Matty invites Jenna and Jake for lunch outside campus. Jenna’s freaking out because she really doesn’t want to go and is really mad that Matty keeps tagging along, so she talks to Tamara. Tamara tells her that she’s being way too clingy with Jake and feels like Jenna’s being mean to Matty.While Jenna is pondering over this, her, Jake, and Matty are out for lunch. Matty is obviously trying to get between them. After lunch, while playing video games, he even takes off his shirt.

Things for Jenna at home aren’t too great, either. Her Dad, Kevin, has been staying at work late because he’s trying to avoid Lacey, and while deep down Lacey knows that he’s avoiding her, she won’t admit it to herself.

Jenna isn’t buying it. What’s Lacey’s plan to get Kevin back into her loving arms? Simple! Buy a hot tub. Lacey reveals that she thinks if she gets Kevin in there, with them just wearing swimsuits… He’ll be forgiving. He’s not.

The same night, Jenna has invited Jake over for a movie but Lacey insists that they use the hot tub. What great parenting skills. Jake comes over and unfortunately brings Matty, too.

Kevintotally breaks the ice by jumping in with them. And peeing. Jake and Matty pretty much ran out the door. Kevin leaves the house and goes and lives at his moms.

Jenna and Tamara have totally agreed that Matty’s is trying to get between Jenna and Jake. Tamara, who has gotten tons of sponsors because she’s gotten everyone who hates Ricky to sign the list, has been busted by Valerie. She doesn’t get in any trouble though, because all Valerie says is, “Do you know how exhaus

ting suspension paperwork is??” and walks away.

Sadie told Jenna that she has to fight dirty, and surprisingly, Jenna believes her. To fight dirty against Matty, Jenna has only one thing she can use: PDA. Jenna is purposely being clingy to Jake so that Matty will feel uncomfortable, and it’s working. Jenna also talks to Matty, telling him to back off and stop tagging along, and Matty reveals that Jenna’s the one who’s actually tagging along. He says that she’s the one who’s getting between them, not him. Suddenly, the realization of this dawns over Jenna and she truly believes that it’s her fault.

Jenna apologizes to Matty about being the third wheel. Sadie later confronts him about trying to sabotage their relationship, which then he smirks.


Matty's expression when confronted by Sadie about sabotaging Jake and Jenna's relationship.