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All right you two lets just pop the cherry on this.
— Valerie Marks

Valerie Marks is a well-intentioned guidance counselor who sadly has no business counseling anyone. She believes her gift in life is the ability to help people, but she has no conception of boundaries and often crosses the line between mentor-administrator and friend-conspirator. After her faux-suicide accident, Valerie is assigned to meet weekly with Jenna Hamilton, but it is clear she has no idea how to deal appropriately with Jenna's problems. She lacks the necessary tact required for her job, and her quirkiness is more off-putting than anything else. Jenna is immediately stunned at Valerie's unprofessional mannerisms, and it is clear that the woman would love nothing more than to be Jenna's best friend.

Valerie seems to geniunely care about Jenna, but her misguided attempts to improve Jenna's life seem to get her into more trouble than she gets her out of: it is Valerie who casts Jenna as 'Dead Stacy' in the CRASH'D play about drunk driving, successfully bringing Jenna's 'the suicide girl' stigma back into the limelight.