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Who I Want to Be
Season 3, Episode 20
Air date December 17, 2013
Written by Lauren Iungerich
Directed by Joe Nussbaum
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Karmic Relief
No Woman is An Island
I can finally be That Girl who doesn't need a boy to be happy. Because I'll know how to dance. All on my own.
Jenna's Paper

This is the Season 3 finale.


Jenna is upset over Matty asking Bailey to prom. She finds solace in a self-discovery novel that was written by none other than Mr. Hart. Later, Jenna finds out that Bailey actually said no to Matty because of her and in a moment of selflessness, she gets Bailey and Matty to agree to go to prom together, despite still longing for Matty. Meanwhile, Jake is tired of feeling controlled by Tamara and Ming is stressed over having to lose her virginity to Fred on prom night. Sadie also finds herself falling in love with Austin. Jenna takes a break from her homework to head to the prom alone, where she dances with Matty before finally finding inspiration for her essay.


The episode picks up right where Karmic Relief left off.

Jenna is shocked that Matty wants to take Bailey to prom. She realizes she has permanantly messed up the best relationship she'd ever have.

Matty leaves and Jenna goes to her room where Lacey sits. Jenna asks to be alone. Jenna is so upset, and since her dress's zipper is stuck, she takes some scissors and cuts the dress off. Jenna is falling apart, so she picks up the book that Mr. Hart gave her.

The next morning, she is still reading. She has finished and begins rereading it, over and over to excuse herself from life. Lacey and Kevin are concerned that she is still reading. Kevin suggests that Jenna read a different book by Russell Jonathan. So Jenna searches online for the author, who seems to have only one book. Then she sees a picture of the author. It is none other than Mr. Hart.


Jenna is thinking she possibly have feelings for Mr. Hart now. He is teaching a "callback". His assignment is "Who I Want To Be". Jenna confronts Mr. Hart about finding out he is the author. She doesn't know who she wants to be.

Jenna goes to Val to talk about it. Val thinks she is talking about Matty. Everyone is talking about Matty not asking Jenna. Val is disgusted about Jenna talking about Mr. Hart.

Tamara is concerned about Jenna. She is also sorry for getting Jenna's hopes up. She promises no one will talk about prom at lunch.

At lunch, Ming is freaking out about prom. Tamara apologizes for not giving Ming the memo. Ming is scared about having sex after prom. Jake and Tamara ask if Jenna wants to go with them. Jake reveals that Matty and Bailey aren't going together.

Sadie and Lissa are talking about prom. Lissa says the only man for her is JC, implying Jesus Christ, because she only sees him at church and there is no way he would go to prom. So she says that the she, Sadie, and Austin should all go together which Sadie says no to. Sadie thinks she is in love with Austin.

Tamara and Jenna question Jake about Matty. He doesn't know. Tamara thinks the Matty ask was just a ruse to get Jenna to get him to ask. Jake thinks Tamara is too controlling, and to prove she isn't, she allows Jake to wear a surprise colored tuxedo to prom.

Jenna goes up to Matty trying to ask if he knows anyone who needs a date. Matty reveals that he DID ask Bailey, but she said no. He also says that he will keep his eye out for anyone that might be able to go with Jenna. Jenna realizes that she will not have a date to prom.

Jenna is blogging because of how upset she is. She has 5 Missed Calls from Bailey. Jenna doesn't know what to do.

Fred senses that Ming is nervous. Fred says that she doesn't have to do anything that she doesn't want to do. But he thinks it's about her wanting to wear a pantsuitm, not realizing it's about sex.

Jenna catches up to Bailey, who was sad because Jenna hadn't been talking to her. She says she called Jenna right away after she told Matty no. Jenna says sorry for ignoring. Bailey turned Matty down to not hurt Jenna, her only friend. So Jenna decides to get Matty and Bailey to go together. They say ok. Sadie walks up clapping for Jenna. She doesn't believe Jenna was sincere in wanting Bailey to go with Matty.

Jenna rushes to write her paper in Mr. Hart's class. Collin asks if Jenna has gotten over her hatred of him, but she says she doesn't hate who she doesn't care about. So, she finishes her paper, but when she goes to turn it in she rips it up because she knows it was not worth Mr. Hart's time because of it being written last minute. Mr. Hart believes in Jenna, because he was actually once like her (when he was Russell), so he gives her an extension on the assignment.

Matty and Jake are talking about their tuxes. Jake is upset that he couldn't exchange the black tux for the Tamara surprise. Their conversation switches to Bailey. Bailey makes Matty nervous. Jake reveals that Jenna was trying to get Matty to ask her to prom.

Tamara and Ming got Jenna a ticket so she would go, even if she is single, but Jenna says her dress is cut up and she has to rewrite the assignment. Tamara offers her original dress because now she has to wear a black one so she doesn't clash with Jake's mysterious tux. Ming freaks out about sex again. Her plan is to bring Fred to dinner at her house with her parents and once they confirm that Fred is a boy, they will give Ming an early curfew.

Dinner is quiet. Fred compliments to food. He also compliments Ming's mom. Ming asks why Fred is checking out her mom. He is now in an awkward situation. He doesn't understand what's going on. Ming starts to rag on his lack of Asian culture.

Sadie and Ally are in a steam room wearing extra layers, trying to shrivel up their organs to flatten their stomachs. Sadie doesn't like the wait. Sadie still thinks she's in love. Ally asks if Sadie knows how to get an orgasm. Ally shows her a clothed technique. Ally passes out.

Jenna doesn't have inspiration for her paper. She finds The Letter. Lacey's friend fixed Jenna's dress. Lacey sees The Letter. Lacey still regrets it. Jenna tries to tell her mom that it's ok. But Lacey isn't taking it. Jenna asks if she became the person described in The Letter. Lacey assures her that she isn't the person because she fixed her mistakes. Lacey tells Jenna to forgive herself.

Ming is still insulting Fred. He drops his napkin and asks Ming for help. After retrieving the napkin, Ming's parents tell her that she can stay out however long she wants because it is prom.

Jenna is sending in her paper. She is all dressed up for prom.

Austin and Sadie are at the dance and Sadie is nervous. Austin is being a smartie pants. Austin guesses that Sadie loves him. He tells her that he loves her back. They kiss. Lissa comes up with JC. Jack Carter.

Fred asks Ming if she is ready for a cherry pop. She says no and she wants to go home. Fred says they don't have to have sex. He only got the hotel room to stay up all night and watch pay-per-view and make out.

Jake has a cheetah tux. Tamara loves what it brings out in Jake.

Sadie insults Jenna. Bailey comes up to Jenna and is happy to see her. Matty walks up and offers Jenna a drink. Bailey says that Matty and Jenna should have this dance. Jenna says no, but Matty convinces her to. Matty says the dress looks better without the hoodie. They confess that they didn't know what the other wanted. Jenna apologizes for everything that she did.

After the dance, Matty and Bailey go to dance.

Jenna has a voiceover while Mr. Hart reads her paper: "I have been struggling to think of what to say. So I stopped thinking. I was convinced I didn't know who I wanted to be, and then I realized the answer was all around me."
Lacey and Kevin sitting on the couch: "I want to be someone who is willing to forgive."
Val in her office: "I want to be someone that cares more about others than themselves."
Sadie and Austin at the prom: "I want to be someone who can tell it like it is."
Ming and Fred on the dance floor: "I want to be someone who would give up everything for the right reason."
Jake dancing: "I want to be someone who sees the best in everyone."
Tamara laughing and cheering Jake on: " I want to be someone who is a true friend."
Matty dancing: "I want to be someone who always tries to be a better person."
Mr. Hart continues reading: "And someone who learns from their mistakes. I guess I just want to be someone who encompasses all those things so I can finally be:"
Jenna looking at the dance floor: "That Girl who doesn't need a boy to be happy. Because I'll know how to dance. All on my own."

Jenna dances all by herself, actually enjoying prom.

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MTV: Who I Want to Be


  • This is the second of three hour-long episodes in the series.
  • This is the final episode written and produced by former showrunner Lauren Iungerich before she departed the series.
  • This episode marks the final appearances of Ming Huang, Becca, and Bailey.